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Happy Whole You is a Human Upgrade and Wellness Center that focuses on helping others transform their lives by using an unparalleled scientific approach to improve brain function, decrease body inflammation, tackle unresolved emotions, and overall physical health.

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“A perfect experience from beginning to end.  We are so very fortunate to have a wonderful place like this in our city treating the WHOLE person.”

Our Services

Theta Pod

Theta pod creates brainwave harmony to help with neurological disorders and break unwanted addictions.
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AO Scan

The AO Comprehensive Scan is a safe non-invasive, detailed visual health status of the organs, systems, and tissues of the body.
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Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy will speed the body’s natural healing time.
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The Biocharger focuses on frequency therapy. It can help with athletic recovery, increase energy and focus.
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Infrared Sauna

Medical Grade Infrared sauna will help detoxify the body, and boost immune system.
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Brain tap helps restore your brain’s natural balance and recharge.
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Game changer for your health, stress relief, and sleep. Excellent experience all around here!
My daughter was diagnosed with Influenza Type A in January. She was more sick than I had ever seen her--with a very high fever 104+, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, congestion--and she was down for about a week. When I could finally
If you want a break from reality and wanted to relax, this is definitely a place worth visiting. They offer a variety of sessions that have multiple benefits. If you are wanting to be healthy and focus on
Thank you to Happy Whole You Wellness Center for helping me find my balance in life. I feel better on the inside because of your help and guidance. I am also looking better on the outside, bonus. 
Anna was great and gave some magnificent suggestions. 3 Hugs a Day & that's the minimum! The brain session was helpful & I look forward to doing few more weekly. If you are suffering from sleep issues, stress, depression, no
Healing and restorative services for body, mind & spirit!

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