What is a woman?

A simple question you would think would have a simple answer. Yet, these days, the answer is a bit more complex. 

My friend shared “What is a Woman?” a documentary I found interesting, particularly because the commentator, #MattWalsh, asked random people how they would answer the question. They all seemed to have a hard time coming up with an answer, and I’m going to throw my answer into the mix. (Of course, my answer – like anyone’s – is based on my life experiences.) 

So here goes…

What is a woman? 

A woman is a person with a complex nature. She is emotional; at times, she offers a comforting touch. She is someone who can both create life and support life, using her innate power to encourage and heal. While in her presence, you feel love and grounded energy. She is at once stronger than Atlas and more fragile than a petal. And though she can be hard on herself and others, her ultimate hope is to fill the world with peace and joy.

Okay, so this is my answer to a simple yet complex question. But I am only one woman. 

Curious Me wondered how other women would answer the question, so I embarked on a journey to discover how women of various ages and races with various political backgrounds would answer the question. Would the women I encounter in my life have answered similarly to those interviewed in the documentary?

These women had inspiring responses like, “A woman is born creative and finds strength in her struggles … a living, breathing, undeniable masterpiece.” Another woman shared, “A woman is a dynamic human being who opts to wear multiple hats in her personal and professional life.” “She is The Protector in multiple situations and circumstances and wears her heart on her sleeve.” And other powerful descriptions like, “She is perfectly imperfect. And she has endless possibilities and dreams.” She is “Strong,” “Courageous,” and “The glue that holds it all together.” 

Some of you will agree that these responses describe the spirit of a woman beautifully. But others may say, “What about the physical attributes of a woman? After all, isn’t the physical what historically decides what a woman is?” But can the woman go beyond the physical? 

What about the spirit and the soul of the woman? 

I believe that while a woman’s physical body is matter and made up of atoms, the female spirit is wrapped with ambitions, desires, love, and acceptance. But if we take things a step further, I believe there is an immortal soul beyond the woman’s spirit. This soul, nor male or female make-up, is in every woman!

But how did your soul get into your body? 

It depends on who you ask. 

After 13.8 billion years, we continuously have new moments of understanding unfolding. With trillions of factors, we find ourselves getting caught up in the question, “What is a woman?” Perhaps the better questions are, “What is this life?” and “How did our soul get into a physical body?” 

Now that’s something worthy of discussion! 

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