Vampire Facial: Most Organic Facial

Today I decided to try the PRP (platelet rich plasma) facial, also known as, the Vampire Facial. The idea of taking my own blood, putting it back in my face and on my skin to heal my skin, seemed like a safe and healthier solution versus getting a chemical peel or laser treatment done. I also had a PRP injection in my foot to help heal the plantar fascia that I torn weeks ago and if injecting my own blood into my foot can heal a tendon or ligament I figured it must have incredible healing properties for the face.

I found a very educated and experienced doctor who explained the whole process to me. A PRP facial is where they take your own blood and spin it in a machine. The properties in the blood separate into what looks like a red liquid (red and white blood cells) and yellow liquid (platelet rich plasma). Both liquids are used during the facial.

First the doctor uses a derma roller to roll across the Skin. This causes little holes to be poked in your skin and then the red and white blood cells are massage into the skin (they do this 2 or 3 times). Once they use all the red liquid they let it sit on the skin for about 15 minutes. At the very end, if you choose, the doctor can take some of the red liquid and injected around the eyes or mouth. This doesn’t feel good, but it is tolerable. After all of the red liquid is used and has set on your skin for 15 minutes it is then wiped off. Before you leave, the doctor then uses the yellow liquid and massages that into the skin. You wear this on your skin until the next day. It is clear and feels like a thin mask.

To me this facial is a no-brainer. You are using your own body compounds to recruit stem cells to repair damaged skin. I have included some pictures and steps from my experience below. This procedure cost me $500. Some doctors will charge up to $1,500. It’s very important that you have a doctor who knows what they are doing and have experience with PRP. You also want someone who knows how to properly give this type of facial using the derma roller. Be sure to talk to your physician and feel comfortable with their technique. The benefits of the PRP facial will continue 3, 6, and 12 months from the day you get it. I am excited to reevaluate my skin in the next 3 months and every three months after that. I plan to get this facial once a year. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or SnapChat (Vanna2go) if you have any questions.

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