Top 11 Things a Man Can Do That Women Find Sexy… Tips from real women!

Okay men as a gift to you we are bring you the top 11 things you can do that women find sexy. I polled women from 24 years old to 55 plus and this is what they said, in no particular order, because they all are sexy!

1. Spontaneous acts of romance when out! Remember when you were dating and you would pull your lady in for a hot kiss… and leaving her wanting more? Yes, she likes this. Do not stop doing this!

2. Be genuinely happy and supportive about your woman’s passions & interests. You don’t have to do what she does just be happy for her and ask her questions about it.

3. Make goals with your woman. Something… anything… to better your future and grow together. Yes, woman find this sexy!

4. Be spontaneous in all ways.

5. Help around the house; clean or do the dishes just because without expecting anything in return.

6. Make dinner! Even a surprise dinner when she gets home.

7. Wash her car and even fill it with gas.

8. Be a good father, family man, and be faithful.

9. Be a hard-worker (Wearing work boots are a bonus) and know how to use tools, build and fix stuff.

10. Make her laugh and be able to laugh at yourself!

11. Take care of yourself: well manicured beard or clean cut is good, exercise, smell nice, and a sense of style is a bonus.

Okay men, what are you thinking? Yes, this is what many women want. Is this different from what you think being sexy is? Try out a few of these tips and see what happens!

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