Take Your Power Back! No Covid-19

We are in a time of uncertainty and the stress this causes ones mind and body can be life threatening. Research has shown being under stress for periods of time can change your personality. We don’t want that! So with this epidemic trying to swallow us we must focus on what we do have control over. We must focus on what we are thankful for. Yes, we must do what seems so hard to do – focus on everything with rose colored glasses on. Easier said than done, but we will get through this!

Let these podcast links below be a reminder of what you do have control over. Take your power back!

Click here to listen!

“Take Control – Covid-19”

“Immune Strong – Covid-19 Gone”

Search the Happy Whole You podcast on your podcast platform for these episodes.

We are all in this together. Please, stay focused on the positive. I believe going through this will change our world for the better. There will be innovation and creativity that sparks new beginnings. More people are working together across the globe and these are times that we unite and become stronger.

Fill yourself up with positive messages, things that make you laugh, food that heals you, conversations that lift you up, and use this time to catch up on that laundry… yes, laundry will always be there for you. HAHA! Keep positive! This too shall pass.

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