Men: 7 Tips to Keep Your Woman Happy & Giving You More Attention!

Ladies if you are reading this feel free to forward to your man and if we are missing any tips shoot us a message.

Okay men, We know you want us to keep you happy and for us to keep you very happy. We know how to do this, but to be honest if you want more attention – more frequently – there are a few things you can do that speak to us. Call it our Love Language!

1. Be kind with your words and make your woman feel like she is your #1 priority. Just like when you first started dating. Yes, things change but remember to be mindful if you find yourself coasting along, you need to regroup, and do something special like: stop during a busy day and send her a sweet message, kiss her before leaving for your day, even just walk up to her – let her know how beautiful she is – and give her a kiss on the cheek. This is our Love Language of affection.

2. Do our laundry: Yes, this includes the kids (if you have kid(s)) You don’t have to do it all the time but once a month would be great. Or maybe your Love is like me and she gets the laundry cleaned, but she tends to throw in a pile on the bed or keeps it in the hamper (for weeks at a time living out of it) be helpful and fold it and put it away. Yeah, you may be thinking, “But she doesn’t even put it away.” This is why you doing it means so much to us! This is our Love Language of laundry!

3. Make us dinner: You may say, “Hey I do sometimes. I pick up dinner!” The key here is making a whole meal at home. Not picking up a pizza, not just cooking some meat and calling that dinner. We like it when you make a whole meal, with sides, and you clean up after. This my friend is our Love Language of meal planning.

4. Plan a date night! Guys I am talking about an entire date start to finish. Remember when you first started courting your significant other? Shoot for a special dinner. Tell her to dress up and you too can put on a tie or collared shirt. This is our Love Language of dating!

5. Get the kids ready for bed: You may be a great hubby and help out here-and-there, but just think of all the nights you were able to stay in front of the TV while your wife got the kids in the bath, brushed their teeth, put their night clothes on and read them a story. Yes, we enjoy doing this but even more we enjoy when you do this and we get to just tuck them in and give them a kiss goodnight. We too like to just watch TV and relax! This is our Love Language of nighttime routines.

6. Surprise us and clean the house: I am not talking about just picking up a few things here and there. I am talking about picking things up and then getting out the household cleaners and wiping down all the counter top and sweeping the floors. Even cleaning the stove top and wiping down the front of the microwave, dishwasher, and fridge will earn you big points. Try taking 20 minutes once a week to do this. Just doing the kitchen and living room is a great start. This is our Love Language of a clean house!

7. Take the kids on an outing and let your sweetie stay home. Or watch the kids and let her just go do whatever. A day where she can have 4-5 hours to herself feels like a mini vacation. Hell, I know if my hubby keeps the kids so I can go to Target and grocery shopping without hauling the kids along feels like a mini vacay. We need time to regroup because we are always worried or doing for you and the kids. This is our Love Language of mini vacations! Guys I hope these tips help you improve your relationship and happiness.

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