Ladies Top 8 Things to Make Your Man Smile… From Men!

Last week I asked you what your man can do to make you happy and I shared your tips with men everywhere. This week is all about you! Here are the top eight things these men said you can do that will make them smile.

1. Make him feel like he is #1 and give him more attention. Our men need more attention ladies!

2. Be a flirt (with him)… Remember when you first started dating? Yes, he wants you to do more of that!

3. Cook for him. You don’t have to be great but just try!

4. Be spontaneous with anything!

5. Buy something off is wish list on Amazon or something he has been thinking about getting.

6. Sexy surprise outfits always work!

7. Be a workout partner. You don’t have to be super buff but be down to hit the gym.

8. Tell him when you are proud of him, even for the little things!

Ladies, we can do these things right? If you have been going through the motions in your relationship give one or all of these a try and see what happens!


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