I Choose Corona!

I believe we are who we are today based on every single experience we’ve had up until this moment. Yes, even the unpleasant ones. The secret to not feeling and acting like a victim is to use our power of choice. We ultimately choose how we respond, not react, to adversity or change. And how we choose to respond rewires our brains and gives us access to emotions and ways of being we never thought possible in a situation like coronavirus. Our brains are very powerful. You can change the way you feel by shifting a thought, and this shift takes only milliseconds. Also, the way we word our thoughts (aka the repetitive subliminal language messages you repeat over and over again) and the conversations we have can directly impact mood and shift the body’s hormonal response.

For example, You can tell your children: “You can’t go to school because of the Coronavirus and you will have to do your work from home.” or you share with them “You get to do your schoolwork and learn from home. The coronavirus is still impacting how we normally do things.”

The first way was stated in a negative tone. When we say things in a negative tone it causes a negative chemical response in the body (aka can increase our cortisol levels and can trigger our fight-or-flight response). When we say things from a more positive and controlled state we can feel more positive and in control.

Anything we fight internally causes unrest within us. Choosing “it,” whatever “it” may be, allows us to calmly assess what we’re dealing with, and move away from “it,” if we want to. Until we choose “it,” we might find ourselves a victim of “it,” as opposed to being powerfully engaged with “it” and knowing what to do next.

Let’s fill in the word “it” with “coronavirus.” Yup, this is a tough one because who really wants to choose THAT, right? Well, when we choose it, all I am saying is that we accept all of it—the facts of the matter. Separate from all emotional responses, which can actually get in the way of our decision-making processes. Instead of indulging in negative emotion, we can attach a “well this is interesting” approach to it. Doing this allows us to deal with the fact that there is a virus, there is online learning in the fall, there are best practices to keep ourselves healthy and safe, and there is an adjustment to the new way of life right now.

Of course, I recognize the concern with how things are, but what service is it to ourselves if we get angry at a teacher for not wanting to go back to a high-risk environment? What service does it provide us to get mad at the high school classmate that thinks the world is collapsing or the other classmate that thinks corona is a hoax? Choosing to get angry is not going to change the virus, peoples minds, nor any hoax that may or may not be out there. Take your power back by choosing corona and all that it entails.

I decided to choose corona months ago. I let go of the anger, fear, and unrest I held inside that centered around this life-changing virus. I chose to be open and curious about the facts, the challenges, and the unknowns. As I choose corona this doesn’t mean like it but it does mean I accept the reality around “it.” I don’t let “it” cause hate or ill feelings that I project onto others. I choose to do my part (my part is what I feel is best for me and my family). I choose to breathe and be thankful for the good all around me. I choose to embrace the fact that today is going to be another great day… because why would I want to choose it to be any other way? It is my hope you will find a way to choose “it” whatever the “it” may be for you that is causing unrest inside your beautiful soul – choose it – and in doing so you are choosing more peace within.

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