8-Life Rules

We all have an inner voice. A voice that tells us how great we are and, all too often, tells us we are anything but great. It tells us we are not good enough, and that we are somehow less than those around us. This negative voice can destroy us. It can stomp on our spirit. This voice is our inner bully. You can be a smart, talented, awesome kid, but your inner bully will make you think you are stupid, untalented and even a loser. If you’re a recent grad, the words of your inner bully can make your feel as if you have no skills and you don’t belong anywhere. It’s the inner bully that will make a new mom feel guilty because she chooses to work or make her feel unsuccessful if she chooses to stay home with her new baby. The words of the inner bully will take any spirit and try to step on it, slow you down, and stop you from reaching towards your passions and desires. I know all about the inner bully. I had allowed my inner bully to control my happiness and success for years. In writing my book, “Stop Bullying Yourself!”you can take my experiences and utilize what I’ve learned to help you or someone you love. A great leader once asked me, “Why the heck would you wait and try to figure it all out on your own when you can pick up a book, and within a few hours learn what he or she took years to learn?” Great point right? (grab the book here) Some of the things I have learned along the way, these last thirty-eight years, were not always easy. I’ve narrowed my most important life rules down to these, you may have heard some of them before. I hope so; after all, they are good rules to live by if your goal is to be a happy, healthy, whole person.

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