Break Through Your Limits

Life is funny. More often than not, we go about life “playing it safe,” which means, repressing your fears. You really give up a lot because you’re handcuffed to your fears that are paralyzing you, all in order to avoid facing those fears. I used to “play it safe” too, and only recently began to grasp the fact that by doing so, I’d put myself in a glass cage. I can see outward but can only go so far. I realize that so many others do the same thing and I wonder, Why do we do this? 

I guess we think that if we don’t go to certain “dark” or “uncomfortable” places where the fear resides in our own minds, everything will be okay. We just have to stay in the glass cage and not cross certain boundaries. Wrong! The glass cage we have put ourselves in is a false safety zone and we are really not okay. Press too hard on the glass and it will break, and we all know how dangerous cut glass is. But what if we leave the glass cage behind? Maybe we’ll have greater success...  even fly! The fact is that the glass cage doesn’t serve us well. 

As we become wiser, we realize that the very things we do to “play it safe” and “protect” ourselves are often the very things that harm us! The mechanisms of protection we layer ourselves with are varied. Repressing our fear is one way we try to protect ourselves. Think of how you may have held on to a relationship that no longer served you. Why did you hold on to it? Maybe because you feared the alternative of loss and being alone? But what if by letting go, you soon find yourself in a healthier, more compatible relationship? Interestingly, the truth is that holding on to fear creates blockages in your energy field. It also lowers your vibration, your frequency! Releasing negative energies (toxic people, things, thoughts, emotions) opens you up to receiving people, things, thoughts, emotions and opportunities that vibrate at a higher frequency. 

We all vibrate at a specific frequency. The lower the frequency, the more heavy and dense the vibration is. The higher the frequency, the lighter and more energetic we feel. The good news is that we actually get to choose our frequency with our thoughts. Positive thoughts create a higher vibration. Negative thoughts and fearful thoughts create a denser, heavier frequency that weighs us down. So, it is no wonder we get stuck in the glass cage. The not-so-good-news is that the longer we stay in the glass cage, the lower our frequency becomes and the heavier we feel. It’s what makes us feel stuck. But we never are really stuck, we just need to start thinking positive thoughts. That will raise our vibration and lighten us up so that we move forward.  

Let’s take a simple example. Say you trip and fall (I hope not!) You immediately start complaining. You tell everyone you know, “I started off the morning with a fall. What a crappy day! And I still hurt.” Chances are that as your day continues, it will unfold in the worst way. “I had the worst day today. The entire day was crap and everything was yucky! It started when I fell.” Soon your coworker is complaining about all the negative things in her life, too. Uhhhhh!!!! Now imagine that you fall and immediately get yourself back up, dust yourself off, grab some ice for your knee, maybe laugh at how clumsy you are. Then you go on with your day grateful that you’re okay and your injury wasn’t worse! This latter thought pattern keeps you vibrating at a higher frequency, which in turn attracts high vibrational energy. After all, like attracts like.

If we can all set our fear aside and realize that fear exists at a very low vibration that prevents us from flying high, we can start to break free from the glass cage we have put ourselves in. 

Over the last two decades I had put myself in a glass cage. I told myself, “Just play it safe; get a job, get insurance, and blah-blah-blah.” But what if instead of just playing it safe, I had told myself, “Do what you love, help others, follow your purpose. Be who you are meant to be and be proud of who you are!” Wowzers! If there had been a class we could all have taken as a kid that taught us to be free of our fears and fly… can you imagine? Instead, what we got was the fears of others projected onto us. So, from a very young age we are all programmed to be safe. “Play it safe, get a job, get insurance, and, by the way, government jobs are really super secure.” That’s the stuff that was programmed into us. It’s what was programmed into me as far back as I remember. Why? Because my parents’ fears were being projected onto me. They feared not having enough, not having job security, not having insurance, and their fear became my fear. “Avoid doing what you love if it doesn't include all these things!” Barf!

Well, I allowed my parents' fears to drive me all of my adult life - until a few months ago. Now I actively remind myself that working for myself, doing what I love to do, and making a difference in the world, is okay! I mean - geez! - I have to remind myself and give myself permission to be the amazing human I was meant to be! 
Reprogramming yourself takes time and work! It doesn't happen overnight but it starts changing as soon as you recognize your glass cage and the programming that has been downloaded into you and your mind. So, please, use this as a reminder to be you, follow your passions, and break through that glass cage. The world deserves to have the true you. To free yourself you must find out who you truly are!

What is Happy Whole You?

Dear Friends,

It has been a long time desire to have an online platform to share some of my life lessons with you. This desire started with a thought, followed by action, that is now a reality. The HappyWholeYou program is a program to help you improve your overall well-being.

I will be writing on a variety of life topics that truly impact the WHOLE you. Topics such as nutrition, physical fitness, finances, family life, communications, spiritual well-being, and mindfulness to name a few. The goal is for all of us to realize we must be working on all aspects of our lives instead of thinking we feel the way we feel as a result of one thing. Or we are not as successful because of one thing. The reductionist approach and blame game stops here.

An example of this false reality: The idea of losing weight or just making a lot of money will improve your happiness and success is misleading. Just losing 10-20 pounds is not going to make you happy. Yes, is a step in the right direction but it is only one piece of the pie. This weight-loss will help, but you cannot neglect the other aspects of your life while you are trying to achieve this goal. You must still nourish your spiritual health, your financial health, your relationships. All too often we put too much emphasis on one aspect of our live's neglecting the other aspects. We must think of our WHOLE life; the WHOLE you.

Working, on the WHOLE you takes effort, but it is enjoyable work. I hope to open your mind to a new way of thinking. No longer will you want to take the reductionist approach to your life. Wholism is where happiness and growth awaits.

You may be asking why I wanted to create this platform and help others. To be honest, I have had my fair share of struggles. I know we all have, but I have been able to find a way to take my struggling mindset and shift it in a way where I have left behind the "poor me" way of thinking to create a successful, happy, life.

Before I close this message, I would like you to think about a few aspects of your life. Take a pen and paper and draw a big circle on the paper. Then within that circle draw another circle and write your name in it. Then make a line from your "name" circle and connect it to the outer circle. You are going to do this four times creating four different pieces within your circle. Label each section with the following: Health, Financial, Hobbies, and Relationships. Now take a colored pencil start at your name and in each section (use a different color in each section) color out how far you think your life represents. For example, if you color all the way to the outer circle in your health category I would assume you have a strong, nutritional health, emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health. Think of the outside circle being a 10-excellent and the closer your color to the outside circle represents how strong you are in that area. I completed a project like this in a college class. I found I was a workaholic who lacked good relationships and neglected my spiritual side. I had some work to do!

I have some worksheets and images I will be sharing on this site that will help you get a better grasp of the holes in your life. Sometimes we don't even realize where we are lacking. I would have never thought I was a workaholic and my relationships were suffering but then again I was working so hard I didn't pay attention to this. It is always good to slow down visualize aspects of our lives and set a game plan for improvement. The key is creating awareness. Do that now with your Happy-Whole-You pie matrix. Become aware of the WHOLE you. Report back what you find. I would love to share some of my reader's results with other users. We are all in this together. -Anna

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