7-Steps For Successful Goal Setting

Every year the new year comes with thousands of people committing to make a change; a new year - a new goal. With a new years resolution at the forefront of one's mind January is a month full of new gym memberships sold, supplement companies shipping higher volumes of products and personal trainers have a jammed pack schedule, but by mid-February many start losing steam. How is it that one week we are kicking butt and then the next we give it all up and say things like, "Well I will start next Monday," or "Maybe next year!" It is like many give up before they even get enough momentum going for themselves. In this next year I challenge you to set goals but make them small at first and check your goals against these seven steps for a successful year. Here are my steps to achieving my goals.

1. Believe in yourself and use powerful action statements. Having belief that you truly can reach your goal is #1. If you start your goal setting with phrases that begin with: I want, I wish, I think, or I will try, you have already lost! Truly believe in yourself and your goal will have you using, "I am" & "I will." Here is an example of two different statements I have heard over the years when working with clients:

"I wish I could lose 20 lbs this year. I think I can do it." vs. "I am losing 20 lbs this year and I will do it by......." You have to believe in yourself and your goal first. Using powerful actions statements over and over will help you to keep moving forward.

2. Visualize Everything! You must visualize everything you are going to achieve and how you are going to achieve it. Visualize and act as if it is already happening. The human mind is very powerful and humans tend to be attracted to the vision that is at the forefront of there mind. Keep your vision strong and clear.

3. Write it down and plan it out! As you envision your goals you must write then down and plan them out. You have to make a flow chart or blue print of what you are accomplishing. If you are losing 20 lbs by June 1st you must write out the goal, put it on a calendar, and work backwards from your June date to set little mini goals/benchmarks that you will achieve leading you up to the June date set.

4. Tell everyone! One thing many people do is they keep their goals to themselves. They hold back from sharing because, what if they don't reach their goal? This is something I think we have all done. We hold it inside for whatever reason but I will share with you that when you start sharing your goals with others a transformation begins to happen. People want to support success and people love to feel involved with others reaching their goals. This also may help you stay focused and keep you moving forward!

5. Get a (professional) team to help! We all can use a little help but professional help is key to reaching goals. Especially if it is a goal you have shot for in the past and didn't achieve it. Have a few friends, co-workers or family members you can go-to for support. Having a team of people is key. Professionals will help keep you on track and they are professionals for a reason. There is a big difference between a personal trainer and a life coach. There is a big difference between a health coach and a counselor. All are very important depending on what your goals are. People will hire a personal trainer because they want to lose weight and get in shape. This is a good thing but if your real goal is to be happy and losing 20lbs is apart of achieving that happiness, then just having a personal trainer is not going to get you to your goal. When I was a personal trainer I helped many people lose hundreds of pounds but even after the weight loss I had clients that were still not happy. What I learned form many years of seeing this same pattern was their goal to lose weight was not the MAIN goal. It was a mini goal, a benchmark. The real goal was to achieve happiness. This is what leads to step #6 GET CLEAR ON YOUR GOALS! Step 5 and 6 go hand-in-hand. Many times to get clear on your goals you need a professional to help you and once you get clear on your goals you will know what other professionals you need in your life.

6. Get clear on your goals! You need to know what, who, why, have a time line, visualize and have a clear vision of what you are achieving. Many times we set vague goals. This is where getting a professional life coach can help you out. A life coach can help bridge any gaps in your goal setting and help hook you up with the professionals you need.

7. Start now! Stop waiting for the perfect time. The perfect time is now, in this moment. You are never going to be this young again. I have never met anyone who has achieved their goals say, "I wish I had waited to start!" Heck no! They say, "I wish I had started sooner!" Start Now!

What are your goals for this next year? Do you believe you can achieve your goals? Have you visualized yourself reaching them and have a game plan written out and in place? Have you shared with others what you are up to and have you created a team of people to help you? Have you started? You got this!

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make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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