3 Simple Things To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain...Are you doing these?

Every year right after Thanksgiving the sugary snacks are in full force. The office cookies start showing up and every week there seems to be another happy hour gift exchange. Small gifts of nicely wrapped fudge, chocolates and other holiday treats start piling up, calorie after calorie! With only two weeks into December you are feeling tired, the belly bloat is turning into a muffin top and by then you may be thinking, "I'll start January 1st!" Stop yourself right now and try these three health tips and you can still enjoy the holidays!

1. Eat more healthy food than unhealthy. I know easier said than done. So, if you are eating a holiday donut with a tall pumpkin latte, follow it up with a mid-morning apple and at lunchtime enjoy a spinach salad full of healthy veggies. Make a point to eat something healthy for every unhealthy thing you eat. Seek out veggies!!!

2. Use your break times for movement. For every minute you sit you should match those sitting minutes with standing or walking minutes. Get up and walk!

First, let's talk about your breaks... Yes, that is plural. If you have two 15 minute breaks during your day, use both break times to move your body. Be sure to take your break or carve out two 15 minute movement breaks every day.

Second, check yourself in regards to sitting screen time. If you are always on your phone or in front of a computer and you are sitting... Change it up. Stand up and move around for equal time.

No matter how busy you are make the time to move. Get that heart rate up. It will help with stress, anxiety and burns excess calories.

3. Sleep eight hours every night! Sleep is key to your bodies ability to rest, repair and most importantly, quality sleep, is when your body produces your human growth hormone. This is very important for feeling good, staying young, having energy, and keeping a strong immune system.

We know this time of year can be challenging to keep a healthy diet but make a point to stay moving and add-in healthy options. Have a great healthy holiday season!

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