Are you a failure or are you learning?

All too often we use the words losing and failing as if they are interchangeable. I am here to suggest we shift our minds and view losing as learning, not failing. Ask any successful person how many times they have lost or "failed" and I guarantee there answer will be many-many times. Some of my best lessons in life have come from losing. Losing builds character and if you embrace losing with a learning attitude, you will eventually start winning, more and more. If you could do anything and knew you would not fail, what would you choose to do? Learn to ride a bike? Learn a new language? Participate in a competition at work? Start a side business? Quit your job to start a new one? What would it be? Whatever it is you will not fail if you do the following:

  1. Be okay with learning many-many times before your get it right… in other words be okay with making mistakes

  2. Keep trying with adjustments

  3. Learn from others and or get a professional to help you

  4. Be willing to laugh at yourself

I think it’s funny, when we were kids we kept trying new things until we get good at them. Our parents encourage us to get up and try again. Don't quit! Keep trying! We even tell our own children this. Yet, as adults we stop trying, we stop learning new things, we avoid anything we are not good at (at least most adults). Why don’t we hold ourselves to the same standards? We only truly fail when we don't try or do not learn from our past actions. So, stop associating losing with failing.

Can you imagine if the first time my toddler daughter stood up, tried to take her first step but she fell, hitting her diapered bottom to the ground, so I said, “Stop! Don't try that again. You failed at that skill.” Ha-Ha, yeah right! I nor you would never say that. We would keep encouraging her to try-try again. The same goes for when we teach kids anything: how to ride a bike, how to read, how to shoot a basket, how to kick a ball, how to buckle their seat-belt. We give endless encouragement to our kids and others. Start giving yourself some endless encouragement. Try learning something new over the next few weeks. Here are some suggestions:

-Learn to rollerskate/Rollerblade

-Start learning a new language

-Try out SnapChat… It is not just for kids (took me about a week to learn)

-Try a new class at the gym or at home: Pilates, Yoga, Zumba

-Take up knitting

-Learn self-defense

-Try understanding your child's common core assignments. Haha

-Take a cooking class

Think of something you always wanted to learn and get out there and make it happen! Report back and share with me your new skill. Share with me on SnapChat at Vanna2go or on our HappyWholeYou Facebook page. Stay encouraged! -Anna

#Happiness #personalgrowth

make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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