Summer Grilling & Pesticide Scores for Your Fruits & Veggies!

The thought of pesticides can get people very uncomfortable and worried regarding eating healthy fruits and vegetables. Below I have listed the top 15 best and top 15 worst fruits and veggies in terms of pesticide scores. Do not let the pesticides score be a deterrent to not eat these fruits and vegetables, however allow this information be a reminder to take the time to clean your fruits and veggies properly Best Scores

1 Onion 2 Avocado 3 Sweet corn 4 Pineapple 5 Mango 6 Asparagus 7 Sweet peas 8 Kiwi 9 Cabbage 10 Eggplant 11 Papaya 12 Watermelon 13 Broccoli 14 Tomato 15 Sweet potato Worst Scores

1 Peach 2 Apple 3 Sweet bell pepper 4 Celery 5 Nectarine 6 Strawberry 7 Cherries 8 Kale 9 Lettuce 10 Grapes-imported 11 Carrots 12 Pear 13 Collard Greens 14 Spinach 15 Potato Here are some guidelines for washing your produce: -Firm fruits and veggies: hold under warm water for 20 seconds then scrub with a produce brush for 20 seconds.

-For melons and citrus: scrub outer rind with warm soapy water this will help eliminate bacteria that can get on the knife when you cut into the fruit.

-Fragile fruits like berries: place in a strainer and gently tumble fruit underwater for 30 seconds.

-Salad and greens colon wash with cold water to keep crisp for 30 seconds.

-Underground veggies: scrub with a brush for one minute. Try the recipe below for delicious grilled veggies! It is always nice to have a large platter of summer veggies available for guest or to have for left overs during the summer months. We all need to be eating more veggies and grilling them is a great way to prepare them. Try grilling the following veggies suggested below and then drizzle some Newman’s Own vinaigrette dressing lightly over the top of the veggies before serving. The dressing is optional many veggies are great with out dressing and just add a little pepper and a dash of salt. Grilled Vegetables 2 Zucchini-Cut lengthwise 2 Yellow Summer Squash-Cut Lengthwise 2 Red Bell Peppers-Cut in fifths 2 Portobello Mushrooms 2 Yellow Bell Peppers-Cut in fifths 2 Large Firm Tomatoes-Cut in ¼ inch lengthwise slices 20 Asparagus 1 Large Sweet Onion-Chop into ¼ inch slices 1 Large Red Onion-Chop into ¼ inch slices 2 Garlic Bushel-Cut in half lengthwise and grill before peeling You can place all veggies on tinfoil or directly on grill’s upper rack. Most veggies will cook within 10 minutes at a medium heat. Check on veggies every couple minutes and flip. Garlic may take longer. Lay out all veggies on a nice platter drizzle dressing lightly over all veggies. This is optional. Lightly crack pepper over top of veggies and a dash of salt if needed. You may find you like these veggies perfectly plain. Try them first without anything. This veggie platter will add color to any meal. Pesticide scores from:

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