4 Types of Overeaters: Which Type are You?

Overeating is very common and many people do not talk about it. I am here to give you some basic information. See where you fit and let's try to make small changes to shift your tendencies to create habits.

Types of Overeaters: 1. Compulsive Overeater: You think about food all the time. You may just get done eating and all you can think about is what you are going to eat next. Your mind is constantly thinking about food. Here are some tips to help you. I use to have this problem combined with being a “sad overeater” below. So what did I do to help this? -I had to change my viewpoint (I talk about this in my book “Stop Bullying Yourself!). Example: I would step outside and take a deep breath, I would call a friend, I would turn on a happy song. I had to change what I was viewing “Food” to something that would distract me. I also started to use a tongue scraper after I would eat any carbohydrates. Even the smallest trace of sugar on the tongue can trigger a craving later. Clean your palate after you eat. The biggest thing I started doing was I only would eat “SMART CARBS.” Smart carbohydrates are healthy. They are found in whole, plant-based foods. These food are fruits and vegetables, minimally processed whole-grain products like oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, as well as beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. 2. Impulsive Overeater: You don't think about food a lot until you smell it. Once you smell something good you dive in and eat as much as you can until your stomach hurts. The best thing to do if this sounds like you is to eat more protein and fiber. These two macronutrients relay fullness quicker to the brain. Also when you go out to eat order half your plate to go. This way the waiter only brings out half of the food you ordered. Also when you are at home before you get seconds drink a big glass or water and wait 10 minutes. If you are still truly hungry after drinking a big glass of water and waiting 10 minutes allow yourself to get a second serving of half the amount you dished out for your first plate. 3. Sad Overeater: You use food to medicate yourself. Which usually leaves you grasping for highly processed sugary, high-fat foods. This is where taking a 10 minute walk, stepping outside to breathe in some fresh air, and smiling will help. Yes, smile and even allow yourself to laugh out loud when you don't feel like it. You may need to do all three. I have more tips in my book. Remember, what you want to do is try to activate and release serotonin and dopamine in the brain without using food. This can be done with a quick workout (walking), laughing, listening to a happy song, calling a positive friend. My biggest go-to is calling a friend and stepping outside to walk while we talk. When my kids were little and I couldn't leave the house I would pace around the house and open all the blinds and windows weather permitting. This truly helped! 4. Impulsive/Compulsive Overeaters: These are usually the children and grandchildren of alcoholics and history of ancestry addiction. This is where you can combine the suggestions from compulsive overeaters and impulsive overeaters. I would also suggest reading some personal growth books and books that will help shift your outlook and redirect behaviors. Truth be told when you have a tendency to overeat, no matter what your “type” is, many times it comes down to the way our brains are wired. This is where I suggest you “Reprogram Your Life” (this is chapter 8 in my book). Start by adding the suggestions above to your daily routine and if you can order “Stop Bullying Yourself!” on Amazon this book will be a supportive tool for you. Go through chapter by chapter and start applying the simple strategies for improvement to your life. Please get back to me and let me know what works for you. I love hearing about my readers small and large successes.

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