5 Ways to Balance Your Cycle & Improve Your Health!

Ladies, we all know a healthy cycle free of bloating and painful cramps is a pleasant way to go through your monthly madness. A light period that does not disrupt the quality of your life is easier to have when you apply these five tips to your life:

1. Remove all processed foods from your diet. Take out yogurt, cereals, granola bars, chips, candies, and anything else that is packaged and processed with added chemicals and preservatives. 2. Get quality sleep! -Blackout your room -Turn your phone off -Have your alarm set - trust it will wake you when it is time -Use white noise or earplugs 3. Cut out all foods with hormones. Choose grass fed, local, and hormone free. 4. Cut out dairy! Dairy is acidic to the body and is a mucus producing food. It clogs the respiratory and digestive system which can make your cycle heavier and more uncomfortable. 5. Cut out all unhealthy fats and add healthy fats. Fats are good but only when they are the right ones. Eat avocados, quality fish, olives and nuts. Take out the saturated fats, coconut oils and animal fats. A healthy cycle is a sign of a well nourished and balanced body! Let me know how the five tips work for you. -Anna

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