The Add-In Method (FREE Printable!) A new year and a new approach!


I wanted to share with you a method that has helped me improve my overall health. This is not a specific diet, but a strategic way to approach improving your WHOLE self. The add-in method is where you take one thing and add it to your life every week. This means at the end of 1 year you will have added 52 new positive practices to your life.

For example:

Week 1: Add-in every morning drink 16 oz of water upon rising.

You will do this every day.

Week 2: Add-in every day mid-morning you will eat one small apple.

You will do this every day, along with, drinking your morning 16 oz of water.

Week 3: Add-in every night you will write down one thing you are proud of that you accomplished that day.

You will do this every day, along with, drinking your 16 oz of water every morning, and eating your mid-morning apple.

Week 4: Add-in every day you will get 10,000 steps. If you already get 10,000 steps a day increase your current average number of steps by 3,000. Are you wondering when you will have the time to do this? Add a walk during your break times (even if it is only a 5-10 minute walk, it counts). Park in the furthest parking spot no matter where you go. Find ways to increase your steps within your daily routine. You will do this every day, along with drinking your 16 oz of water, eating your mid-morning apple, and writing down your daily proud moment.

Week 5: Add-in every day you will stand up, smile, reach for the sky, and then touch your toes. Keep that smile for 30 seconds! You will do this every day, along with, drinking your 16 oz of water, eating your mid morning apple, writing down one thing every night that you are proud of, and walking your 10,000+ steps a day.

You will continue this until the end of the year! You choose what you want to Add-In to your life and then write each thing down. I have created a Happy-Whole-You-Yearly Add-In Method Program Tracker. Download it now and share your ideas and progress!

-Anna Marie

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make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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