Let’s look at what is going on deep within from an emotional and energetic standpoint. This InnerVoice scan analysis evaluates the frequencies in your voice to uncover your top 4 emotional blockages within your body. The four page report will also let us know the organ systems that are being impacted by the blockages. Along with what your four healing colors are. We will email you your 4 page report after our brain health expert, Anna Marie, goes over this report with you. Anna Marie will also email you audio files for you to listen to or meditate to. The INNER-Voice technology creates sound harmonizing, balancing audio frequencies or resonant sounds that can be listened to in order to correct imbalances. It provides all the frequencies you need and diminishes those that are in excess. It is like hearing the “mirror” of your voice. These analytics are then provided to the AO Scan system to combined with frequency scanning to optimize your emotions, organs