Our goal

Mental Purpose Emotional Spiritual Physical


1. Assessment & Self Discovery

2. Zeroing in with Goal Setting

3. Uncover your barriers & benefits of change

4. Gathering Supportive Networks

5. Instilling belief & confidence

6. Committing & taking action

7. Enjoy rewards & milestones

8. Continued self-examination


Our systemic life guide coaching goes beyond just physical training and weight loss. Happy Whole You Mindset Life-Guide Coaching involves every aspect of your life; physical health, nutritional health, occupational health, spiritual and emotional health, and financial health.
We assist you through a guided self-discovery process designed to help you age gracefully, both physically and mentally, by using a variety of proven coaching disciplines carefully crafted to produce your best thinking to achieve the best decisions possible for all those aspects of your life. Click here to purchase your 3-month program.


Not to sound predictable, but coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their brain and physical health along with shift into a more abundant mindset.
From a business executive to a stay-at-home mom, to an entrepreneur; we have seen them all and have you covered. Perhaps you feel like you’ve lost a bit of control in your life, maybe have grown unsatisfied with just coasting through it, or, even yet, maybe you are having trouble finding the footing to get to that next level in your career? We have effective strategies and practices to help you achieve your desires.
We are the future of coaching


We offer several different duration options for our individual programs:

Additionally, we offer group coaching programs on a more limited basis, e.g. our 4-week success series program, with our add-in approach strategy. This program can be implemented at your worksite or with a few friends. We are confident that whichever program you choose will add tremendous value to your life!



All programs begin with a life circle assessment that you will be instructed to complete before your introductory meeting, which will then take place via either phone/video or face-to-face.
When program commences, you will be given full access to your coach during the duration of your program. Included is a scheduled call every other week, along with constant connections via Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms.
Depending on your determined needs, you may be sent nutritional recipes, weekly challenges, worksheets, a copy of “Stop Bullying Yourself”, and consistent support and motivation. The customization of our programs is just one beauty to our science and allows us to help the unique individual that is you!

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