Happy Whole You

A Place for You to Reset and Renew

When you step into Happy Whole You, you get a customized experience. Whatever you’re working on, whether it’s physical, emotional or both, there’s a holistic solution for you. You’ll decide what you want to work on and we’ll help guide you through so that you make real and lasting change in your life.

We believe traditional treatments such as counseling, nutrition, detox, exercise, psychotherapy and pharmaceuticals have their place in the recovery process. We also know,  they’re not always successful for everyone. Matters of the mind and pains of the body and soul are often “intangible”. They often can’t be explained as readily as they are understood by direct experience.

When you visit Happy Whole You, you direct your reprocessing through our proprietary, cutting edge equipment. You can choose from the Theta Pod which works to decrease stress, anxiety, depression and more. Our AO Vitals Scan offers you complete “no blood” blood work. Our red light therapy bed offers customizable red light therapy that increases your overall cellular energy, increasing the function of the mitochondria. We also offer full spectrum infrared sauna, Bemer vascular therapy and more. 

You won’t find traditional psychotherapy on your visit. You won’t find an outside judge looking over your soul except yourself. We don’t prescribe pharmaceuticals. We offer nutritionals and guidance. 

Our comprehensive program creates a custom experience for you. With the firm support of our equipment, you’ll progress through various levels of self-analysis and direct your overall physical and emotional experience.

“Happy Whole You is an absolute health and wellness gem ! The Theta Pod has been a game-changer for my mental health. I’ve struggled with a variety of issues, including anxiety and PTSD, and every time I leave my session at Happy Whole You, I feel refreshed and revived! Then there’s the red light therapy bed… Not only does it help with my mood, but it has helped heal my eczema and other skin problems! Last (but not least…), the BEMER helps promote circulation and has helped with some knee pain I’ve dealt with for years!

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