Honor Yourself!

Love is in the air, plastered all over the stores, but love truly lives in our hearts. There are different kinds of love but all true love is rooted in you—it begins with you. Love may look like respect, acceptance, honoring one’s self and all things, curiosity, and faith. What words come to mind when you think of where love’s roots come from?

Self-love is allowing yourself to be your true authentic self, and I am here to help you make this a core belief in what true self-love is. Let’s recognize loving one’s self goes beyond the bubble bath mentality of self-care. True love starts with honoring one's self. True self-love is allowing yourself to be you without judgement or holding back.

Sometimes when seeking our true selves, we may find ourselves borrowing from others. And though it is great to be inspired by others’ achievements, borrowing goals and expectations from them can pull us out of alignment with our inner being, or soul—whatever you want to call it. This then leaves us feeling like we are missing something because we are.

True self-love is staying in alignment with goals born from your soul and honoring your purpose!

With the New Year, many of us can be tempted to take on resolutions and more times than not those resolutions are not born out of alignment with our soul's purpose. We end up borrowing our goals when we see this celebrity or that self-help guru having a certain goal or them telling us what we should strive for. We even barrorrow the idea of what love is or how we should act based on others’ expectations. Be inspired by others but stay on YOUR path.

So, what happens when we borrow goals from others? Yikes! It takes us out of alignment with our true authentic self and when we do this we are not able to fully love ourselves. Borrowing another’s goal that does not resonate with our whole-being will leave us feeling like something is missing… because it is. YOUare missing.. As if not losing the weight (a goal that may have never stemmed from your higher self) means something is wrong with you or you failed—once again! You beat yourself up over an idea that you truly never wanted anyway. Let it go!

Anytime we set a goal that is genuinely aligned with our soul's purpose, and not someone else’s, it is easier to stay on our true path, feel amazing, feel successful all while being our true authentic self.

During the month of February, I encourage you to look at your goals. Look at expectations you have for yourself. Are they truly your goals and expectations? Are these rooted in and sprouting from your soul? Are they yours? Are they serving your purpose? Do they allow you to be your true authentic self? Take this opportunity to reset your heart for true self-love of your authentic self.

What the hell am I doing here? Finding your higher purpose!

Do you ever wonder why you were chosen to be here, on planet Earth, right now in 2021? Was it a choice? Was it a gift? Was it an element of luck? Why the heck are you here and why the heck am I here? Let’s go deeper than those questions (if that is possible) and ask what is the purpose of this life? What is the purpose of being here?

These are some soul-searching questions that I have pondered many times in my life. Some of them I have come to a conclusion on and others I am still pondering. I believe I chose to be here on planet Earth for the last umpteen years and more specifically... I chose to live in America, as a woman. I chose my family, the area I grew up in, and I chose to live through the AIDS crisis, the war in Iraq, the September 11th attack, the down fall of the economy in 2008, and the 2020 pandemic. Plus, all the other events big and small. I truly believe that I created a soul contract with God, the Universe, Source, whatever you want to call the all-mighty creator, and agreed to come here and go through all of this… but why? This is the question I still explore.

Do you ever wonder why? The truth is I believe we are all doing the best we can, based on the choices we make; how we choose to respond or react to something. If we choose to act or not. If we choose to be kind or be annoyed. We have a lot of choices and everyone is doing their best. It may not always seem like it but that’s not for any one of us to judge. So, now that we know choice plays a huge role in this thing called Life, what are you choosing to do with your time here?

For me, right now, I choose to spend my time exploring my higher calling, helping others, practicing self-love, and trying to stay out of the rat race. I do think we—as humans—may take this life thing a bit too serious at times. We need to embrace the child within us again and encourage them. We need to play in the mud, run in the rain, laugh until we pee our pants, and our face hurts. We need to let go of the fear and filter out the noise that we allow to occupy our minds. This fear note pins us down and doesn’t allow us to be our true authentic selves and restrains us from exploring and trying new things. The noise in our heads is the fear expressed as self-doubt and negative self-talk. It can easily become a vicious cycle that we let control way too much of our lives.

Here are some fear notes replaying in our heads that we need to stop: I am never going to make enough money, I will never get ahead, I am going to be single forever, my kids are so far behind, if only…fill in the blank…. The truth is that everything is always a lot more chaotic and worrisome in our minds. So, slow the roll and shift the fear mindset into a mindset of excitement and possibility. Know that fear notes in your mind are only distracting you from your higher purpose. Think of them as a challenge but not truth. It only feels real in the moment. Choose to move past the fear by taking action. The choice is up to you!

Want more support in seeking your higher calling? Checkout the life guide coaching with us at Happy Whole

Brain hack, body hack, energy hack: The art of raising your vibration – mind, body, soul!

Do this, do that, hack this, hack that and then let’s see if it all pans out to leave you feeling happy and whole. Sometimes the advice and opportunity for personal physical improvement can be overwhelming. Where does one start in order to become happy and whole? The abundance of tips and tricks paired with targeted advertising and balanced with what western doctors suggest can easily lead to sensory overload and disappointment.

How can one work on weight loss when their mindset is jacked? How can one work on eating well when they don’t even know what to eat? How can one exercise when their knees hurt, their relationships suck, and they are angry at the world?

There is a key hack that so many gurus are missing. This is the ultimate hack for true happiness and longevity but it’s not super easy nor is it linear. Which is probably why you haven’t been exposed to it. It’s not a moneymaker or a showstopper gadget. It’s way more than a quickie and not super convenient, like an Amazon order. The first step is easy — stop by to see us at Happy Whole You. Experience how we help you cut through the fog, focus and optimize your routines to achieve your goals. Soak up the knowledge and lean into the tools we teach that help anyone and everyone formulate a personalized success plan.

Happy Whole You is a human upgrade center in downtown Bakersfield. We help you upgrade your biology — mind, body and spirit. We focus on increasing brain function and decreasing body inflammation using high-tech pieces of equipment and old school Eastern medicine modalities. We take a holistic approach to help you raise your level of health and consciousness. But before we see you at the center to learn more, here are some hacks for better sleep.

Hacking your sleep starts with an effective and consistent nighttime routine to help you sleep deeper and longer. First thing, you must go outside, barefoot and watch the sunset. This is super effective in order to reset your circadian rhythm. Spend 10 to 15 minutes outside, work on deep breathing and enjoy the sunset.

Once the sun goes down, skip all electronics. No more phone or television because screens emit blue light which excites the brain. So, go from sunset to chill mode. Even draw yourself a bath or take a nice shower. Adding the water element in the evening is soothing.

Next, be sure your room is cool and dark. Place electrical tape over any flashing lights. The darker and cooler the room the better your sleep will be. Also, don’t keep your phone next to the bed — turn it off and put it in another room.

Lastly, keep a notepad, pen and book close by. Take some time to read using a reading light (I use a tiny amber-colored light) and shut off the overhead lights. Use the notepad and pen to write down what you are grateful for and if you have any ideas or thoughts come to mind.

Now, you have a sleep hack routine that is a great place to start. For guidance and ways to improve cellular function, increase physical energy and improve brain function visit Happy Whole You for your specific tailored needs. The art of raising one’s vibration MIND-BODY-SOUL comes from a compound effect of multiple hacks that are formulated to your bio-individuality.

Check out some simple hacks below...

20-Little Things Healthy & Successful People Do. Where do you score?

Ever wonder what little things healthy people do throughout each day? How do they stay so healthy and happy? Here are a few things:

  1. They always use the stairs;
  2. They eat fruits and veggies everyday;
  3. They don't overspend;
  4. They don't buy daily sugary drinks;
  5. They park in the farthest parking spot from the building;
  6. They drink lots of water throughout the day;
  7. They say positive things to themselves everyday and practice affirmations;
  8. They are giving to others without expending their personal basic needs;
  9. They express their emotions;
  10. They get 7-8 hours of sleep;
  11. They are optimistic and are grateful;
  12. They don't hang out with gossipers;
  13. They do not hold grudges and they learn from their past mistakes;
  14. They take a few minutes everyday to stretch, breathe, and relax;
  15. They can admit and own their flaws and mistakes;
  16. They get energy work done for themselves;
  17. They have a coach or mentor who doesn't let them lack and they call their BS;
  18. They meditate and know we are all connected;
  19. They spend time in nature and connect with the earth;
  20. They encourage and promote others.

How many of these things do you do?

16-20: You are among the healthiest, whole, people. Keep up the good work. Keep improving.

12-15: You have room for improvement but you are on the right track. Add-in 2 more positive daily practices over the next week.

8-11: You need to add in some healthier practices and you will find your level of happiness rise. You can do it. For the next month start two new practices every Monday for one month. Email us at info@happywholeyou.com for the add-in method.

5-7: You are not a total mess but you must take control of your life or you may end up feeling less happy and more depressed. It is up to you to take control. Start adding in 1-2 new things in your life for the next two months. Check out the ADD-IN Method blog for ideas.

0-4: You must take responsibility for your life. Don't waste your ability to be a shining light. You deserve to feel happy and energized. It is up to you to turn your daily practices around. No more excuses. Excuses are what got you to where you are. Your excuses are why you have only 5 of the daily practices above. You are in the driver's seat. You got this!

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I just wanted to let you know that you are someone special. You are so important to so many people. You are love and you are loved. As crazy as life can get it is vital that you slow down, breathe, smile, and remind yourself of who you truly are. You are an amazing human who is making a difference and doing the best you can. Each moment brings a new opportunity for you to follow your soul's purpose, to be whomever you want to be, and do whatever you need to do. Don't lose yourself in the crazy.

Remember, big or small your influence ripples through this earth. You matter! Thank you for all the good you have put into this world. Keep being you!

Share this with someone you love! -Anna Marie

Do You Have A Strong Foundation Of Health?

Our nation's foundation of health needs a major overhaul. As this pandemic unfolds and the ‘nocebo’ effect takes its toll on an already-fragile population, it pushes me to spread positive, valuable, and effective information centered around the fact that YOU have more control over your biology than you are led to believe. Wash your hands, wear a mask, stay six-feet away, get a donut for getting vaccinated… Is this the best our country can do?

When I evaluate a client’s foundation of health, I look at their stress level, nutritional & water intake, quality of sleep, brain type, pH levels, are they pooping, what does it look like? Do they have physical markers on their tongue, nails, and in their eyes? Do they have a strong energetic field? There are a million questions I could ask a client but the most important thing I must do is look and listen. Listen to their words and see what their bodies tell through observation. Do you think any of these things could impact how someone's body and mind responds to COVID? I bring this up because in natural health we look at an individual's foundation of health (mind, body, spirit, and energy) and we work on reinforcing areas that need more support. If we all worked on building a strong immune system, for example, would this virus be the hot topic it is today? Would our biology be better equipped to deal with this virus and others? I would bet YES!

So I ask… Why are we not promoting a strong foundation of health in America? Why is a naturopathic approach to supporting one’s health forgein in our country? My name is Dr. Anna Marie Frank. I am not a Western doctor. My approach to supporting an individual is holistic. It is an approach that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. I submersed myself in wellness over twenty years ago. Through my own health challenges and personal healing, I was led to do what I do now. My personal healing was not a straight-up physical ailment that I remedied. My healing came from healing my brain and mind.

You may find this interesting… The brain is the only organ in your body where medication is prescribed even though it has never been examined. We can’t really measure a “chemical imbalance” in one’s brain, yet we give mind-altering medications for that “imbalance” that have life-threatening side effects… and again, there is never a clear indicator of what is chemically going on in the brain. I share this with you because this was me. I went to my doctor and within minutes I had three mind-altering drugs prescribed to me. These meds had many side effects which made me feel worse, and if it were not for a little light inside of me, I may not be here today. This experience led me to question what was expected when it came to my personal health. I was led to believe someone in a white coat had more control over my biology than I did. I was never taught how to build a strong baseline of health (mind, body, and spirit) and this was so wrong! I had more control of my personal health and well-being! Our bodies are always speaking to us—are you listening?

So here we are in a pandemic and I ask you—what are you doing to improve your foundations of health? How are you taking care of your mind, body, and spirit? What is something you need right now to support your wellbeing?

Here are some basics to help build you up: participate in positive conversations, get quality sleep, eat fruits, veggies & herbs daily, move your body, get sunshine, touch your bare feet to the earth (it’s called earthing), keep learning, and live your purpose!

8-Life Rules

We all have an inner voice. A voice that tells us how great we are and, all too often, tells us we are anything but great. It tells us we are not good enough, and that we are somehow less than those around us. This negative voice can destroy us. It can stomp on our spirit. This voice is our inner bully. You can be a smart, talented, awesome kid, but your inner bully will make you think you are stupid, untalented and even a loser. If you’re a recent grad, the words of your inner bully can make your feel as if you have no skills and you don’t belong anywhere. It’s the inner bully that will make a new mom feel guilty because she chooses to work or make her feel unsuccessful if she chooses to stay home with her new baby. The words of the inner bully will take any spirit and try to step on it, slow you down, and stop you from reaching towards your passions and desires. I know all about the inner bully. I had allowed my inner bully to control my happiness and success for years. In writing my book, "Stop Bullying Yourself!"you can take my experiences and utilize what I’ve learned to help you or someone you love. A great leader once asked me, “Why the heck would you wait and try to figure it all out on your own when you can pick up a book, and within a few hours learn what he or she took years to learn?” Great point right? (grab the book here) Some of the things I have learned along the way, these last thirty-eight years, were not always easy. I’ve narrowed my most important life rules down to these, you may have heard some of them before. I hope so; after all, they are good rules to live by if your goal is to be a happy, healthy, whole person.

Earthing to Heal: Increase Electrons in Your Body!

Stand barefoot on the grass for at least ten minutes a day so, you are not electron deficient! I suggest earthing to many clients and friends. Some look at me like, “Ummm, why? or What is that?” and others have seen the Netflix show “Down To Earth” with Zack Efron. So, they make sense of my healing suggestion.

Have you heard of the term “earthing”? Or “grounding”? Earthing is a natural way to heal your body by connecting your skin to the Earth. But why, you ask? Our Earth is alive and shares electrons that our bodies need. With increased inflammation in our bodies, scientists have found links that direct skin contact with the Earth can help decrease body inflammation.

"Electrons play an important role in oxidation-reduction reactions.[1] It is said that in the energy cycle within an organism, electrons are passed from hydrocarbons to oxygen.[2] This energy cycle is the driving mechanism for maintaining life processes in cells."Int J Yoga. 2017 Sep-Dec; 10(3): 113–114

You may be thinking to yourself, don't we already touch the Earth? We walk on it every day! Truth: we do not touch the Earth like we used to. If you think about it, when is the last time you walked barefoot on the grass or sand? The last time you put your feet in the ocean? When was the last time you laid your body on the ground? We are always wearing synthetic soles on our feet. We sleep high off the ground on our beds. We walk on carpet or tile floors daily. We do not connect to the Earth as our ancestors did. Our ancestors used to sleep on the ground, dig in the dirt (this is why gardening is so good!) and wear leather shoes or no shoes. They were constantly connected to the healing energies of the Earth.

What can we do to improve our connection with the Earth?

Walk barefoot around in your front or backyard every morning for ten minutes. I do this every morning. Yes, even in the cold. Tip: When it is cold - just stand in the same spot. It will warm-up after a minute.

Put your feet in the ocean! Ocean water is the best conductor for earthing.

Stretch on the grass. Sit down and let your legs connect.

Sleep on an earthing mat. You can order these online or at a local health food store.

No grass? Walking on concrete barefoot can also provide some electron connection, or hugging a tree.

Get your hands dirty and start in the garden. Plant some flowers, fruits, and veggies.

For more information on earthing, I suggest you check out the book "Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!" This book is by Clinton Ober, Martin Zucker and Stephen Sinatra. In this book, they document how earthing constantly produces benefits, such as rapid reduction in inflammation; reduction in chronic pain, even elimination of some chronic pain; reduced stress; increased energy; improved sleep; and faster recovery time for injuries.

Why you are not losing weight!

First and foremost, appreciate your body now and what your body has done for you. From the stretch marks, to your belly and thighs, to the crow’s feet by your eyes, your body has been with you since day one, and be thankful it hasn't given up on you. Our bodies are so resilient. The problem is we demand so much from them yet we don't nurture them as we should.

Are you working out like a crazy person? Or have you drastically cut calories but find yourself starving and then eating too much? Or are you just so tired you don't even think about exercising unless you see a lady running down the street then you think, “I should be doing that,” and moments later that thought of exercising is gone because you have too much to do and no energy?

This happens when we don't look at the many little habits (good and bad) we perform each day. Then when we want to lose weight, we tend to only look at adding exercise and cutting calories, which can be triggering. We start to feel stress, deprivation, and guilt because of our lack of “perfection,” and past “failures.”. I am here to tell you a healthy body weight is accomplished beyond just food and movement, yes, they are both very important but there is more to the equation.

Let me tell you a little bit about me. I used to work out like a mad person, running 5–15 miles a day and I even had a very active job. I found myself staying the same weight even though I was exercising and eating healthy. I even would count calories and cut calories from time to time to see if I could lose just 5 pounds... but nope! After doing this for a couple weeks I would feel so deprived and exhausted, so I would eat more, increase my caffeine, try to get more sleep but the stress of all this was not helping. The problem was I was missing the seven tips below.

Just power walk! I was so focused on high mileage and high intensity I was actually creating more internal stress on myself. We forget that a simple brisk walk can help with anxiety, lower our stress hormones, increase our brain function, and we can go for a walk anywhere. No excuses not to do this. Try 30–60 minutes of brisk walking 6–7 days a week. Yes, you deserve to do this daily!

Eat more veggies and fiber! Stop stressing about how many calories you are eating and focus on eating veggies at every meal and getting 25–35 grams of fiber every day through food (not supplements). The key is to eat veggies raw, baked, or steamed. Also, play with adding herbs to your dishes. You can check out a blog I wrote about fiber intake in this blog section of HappyWholeYou.com

Get your finances in order! Yikes, what does this have to do with your weight? A lot! You may not even realize that having a sense of where your money is going, what you are spending your money on and how much you are saving is very important. You may say, “Well, I have enough money to do whatever I really want,” or you may say, “I am in debt and that's just how it is going to be for a while!” I am here to tell you to get control. Once you can sort through where you are financially and where you are going, this can help bring clarity and a sense of empowerment to you. All good for stress management and weight loss.

Do the little things to add movement and increase your heart rate during the day! You see, many people think to “workout” they have to hit the gym. It is great to go to the gym and get in a workout but it is also great to add a little burst of movement throughout your day. I call these little pick-me-ups!

  1. Park in the farthest parking spot
  2. Use the stairs
  3. Do 20 squats when you feel tired
  4. Listen to upbeat positive music
  5. Walk to get the mail
  6. Just drop and do 5 push-ups
  7. Don't email a co-worker walk over and speak to them
  8. Dance with your kids to one song just because

Be around people that make you smile or call someone that makes you smile. Do this every day! You must have daily positive conversation and laugh every day. If you reflect and feel you need more of this in your life, go out and get it. Laughing reduces inflammation in the body and produces feel-good hormones, so laugh it up!

Drink water throughout the day! Many people will drink a big glass of water at a time but it is better to sip throughout the whole day. Our stomachs can only absorb about 4-6 oz of water at a time so sip-sip! Shoot for 70 oz a day to start and see how you feel.

Stop Snacking! If you are in an office setting this can really get you. For example, someone brings in donuts, so you grab a little one. Then later you are chatting with a coworker and on her desk is a bowl of chocolates—yup—you grab one. Then at lunchtime, someone sets out some cookies and you chow down one of those too. Not to mention the little mints you keep on your desk and before you know it you have had a donut, chocolate, a cookie, and a mint all in one day. That adds up! Be mindful of all the little snacks by writing them down if you have one and ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" An extra 300 calories a day = 30 minutes of running or 60 minutes of power walking just to burn it off.

Let me know how these tips work for you!

Our Glass Cage

Life is funny. More often than not, we go about life “playing it safe,” which means, repressing your fears. You really give up a lot because you’re handcuffed to your fears that are paralyzing you, all in order to avoid facing those fears. I used to “play it safe” too, and only recently began to grasp the fact that by doing so, I’d put myself in a glass cage. I can see outward but can only go so far. I realize that so many others do the same thing and I wonder, Why do we do this?

I guess we think that if we don’t go to certain “dark” or “uncomfortable” places where the fear resides in our own minds, everything will be okay. We just have to stay in the glass cage and not cross certain boundaries. Wrong! The glass cage we have put ourselves in is a false safety zone and we are really not okay. Press too hard on the glass and it will break, and we all know how dangerous cut glass is. But what if we leave the glass cage behind? Maybe we’ll have greater success... even fly! The fact is that the glass cage doesn’t serve us well.

As we become wiser, we realize that the very things we do to “play it safe” and “protect” ourselves are often the very things that harm us! The mechanisms of protection we layer ourselves with are varied. Repressing our fear is one way we try to protect ourselves. Think of how you may have held on to a relationship that no longer served you. Why did you hold on to it? Maybe because you feared the alternative of loss and being alone? But what if by letting go, you soon find yourself in a healthier, more compatible relationship? Interestingly, the truth is that holding on to fear creates blockages in your energy field. It also lowers your vibration, your frequency! Releasing negative energies (toxic people, things, thoughts, emotions) opens you up to receiving people, things, thoughts, emotions and opportunities that vibrate at a higher frequency.

We all vibrate at a specific frequency. The lower the frequency, the more heavy and dense the vibration is. The higher the frequency, the lighter and more energetic we feel. The good news is that we actually get to choose our frequency with our thoughts. Positive thoughts create a higher vibration. Negative thoughts and fearful thoughts create a denser, heavier frequency that weighs us down. So, it is no wonder we get stuck in the glass cage. The not-so-good-news is that the longer we stay in the glass cage, the lower our frequency becomes and the heavier we feel. It’s what makes us feel stuck. But we never are really stuck, we just need to start thinking positive thoughts. That will raise our vibration and lighten us up so that we move forward.

Let’s take a simple example. Say you trip and fall (I hope not!) You immediately start complaining. You tell everyone you know, “I started off the morning with a fall. What a crappy day! And I still hurt.” Chances are that as your day continues, it will unfold in the worst way. “I had the worst day today. The entire day was crap and everything was yucky! It started when I fell.” Soon your coworker is complaining about all the negative things in her life, too. Uhhhhh!!!! Now imagine that you fall and immediately get yourself back up, dust yourself off, grab some ice for your knee, maybe laugh at how clumsy you are. Then you go on with your day grateful that you’re okay and your injury wasn’t worse! This latter thought pattern keeps you vibrating at a higher frequency, which in turn attracts high vibrational energy. After all, like attracts like.

If we can all set our fear aside and realize that fear exists at a very low vibration that prevents us from flying high, we can start to break free from the glass cage we have put ourselves in.

Over the last two decades I had put myself in a glass cage. I told myself, “Just play it safe; get a job, get insurance, and blah-blah-blah.” But what if instead of just playing it safe, I had told myself, “Do what you love, help others, follow your purpose. Be who you are meant to be and be proud of who you are!” Wowzers! If there had been a class we could all have taken as a kid that taught us to be free of our fears and fly… can you imagine? Instead, what we got was the fears of others projected onto us. So, from a very young age we are all programmed to be safe. “Play it safe, get a job, get insurance, and, by the way, government jobs are really super secure.” That’s the stuff that was programmed into us. It’s what was programmed into me as far back as I remember. Why? Because my parents’ fears were being projected onto me. They feared not having enough, not having job security, not having insurance, and their fear became my fear. “Avoid doing what you love if it doesn't include all these things!” Barf!

Well, I allowed my parents' fears to drive me all of my adult life - until a few months ago. Now I actively remind myself that working for myself, doing what I love to do, and making a difference in the world, is okay! I mean - geez! - I have to remind myself and give myself permission to be the amazing human I was meant to be!

Reprogramming yourself takes time and work! It doesn't happen overnight but it starts changing as soon as you recognize your glass cage and the programing that has been downloaded into you and your mind. So, please, use this as a reminder to be you, follow your passions, and break through that glass cage. The world deserves to have the true you. To free yourself you must find out who you truly are!

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