Sick and Tired? Should you replace this one thing?

If you have noticed yourself becoming more and more tired or seen a slow but steady decline in your health for no apparent medical reason, a lack of sleep may be to blame. Further, if you have been having difficulty sleeping, your mattress may be one area to look at. To learn more about how your mattress may affect your life in surprising ways, read on for the best tips about mattress choice and care.

Sleep and Your Health:

If you have been feeling sick, exhausted and rundown, it could very well be due to a lack of sleep. Not getting quality sleep for a prolonged period can impact the immune system, causing it to be susceptible to outward attacks. Sleep deprivation can impair memory and even make you clumsier, a quality that can be very dangerous when driving or on the job. However, it isn’t just getting the flu or the occasional cold that you need to worry about with lack of sleep. Over time, insomnia can increase the likelihood of debilitating diseases. It can affect mental health, cognitive abilities, and more. Worse, it can lead to conditions like hypertension, high blood pressure, or diabetes. If you are not sleeping well, investigate your mattress to see if it is part of the problem.

As you know the Happy Whole You Wellness locations provide alternative therapies to improve your sleep patters, but if you don’t have a quality mattress and a quality sleep environment we are not fully getting to the root of the issue. Be sure your bedroom is dark and cool when trying to sleep. Also, make sure you limit screen time 2 hours before bed and set your screens to “amber” mode to help filter out the blue light that can interfere with your sleep.

Okay, signs to Look for when you need a new mattress:

There are many signs that alert you to needing a new mattress. If it has been about a decade since purchasing a new one, it’s probably time. How you feel physically upon waking is another telltale sign. Being sore, stiff, or in pain probably means you need to change your mattress. Are there lumps in your bed? Are there springs that poke you in the back? Is there a dip in the middle or on the edge? These are all death knells for your mattress. Difficulty breathing may mean allergens, like dust, have set in. Vacuuming may help, but odds are, those bits are deeply embedded. If you experience one or more of these signs on a regular basis, it’s time to invest in a new bed.

Choosing a Mattress:

There is no cookie cutter mattress that fits every person. Every body type and sleep style needs something different. Your weight, age and height may affect what mattress works best for you. The most important aspect of mattress shopping is comfort. Ideally, you should try out a mattress before purchasing it, or at the very least, test it out at the store. Lie down for as long as you can, and see if it makes any part of your body feel tense, uncomfortable or pinched in any way. Sleep style may also affect how firm a mattress you need, so make sure you look up online guides to find out which suits your needs best. If you decide you need a new mattress, do diligent research before you buy so you can ensure absolute comfort and good sleep.

Mattress Care:

Taking proper care of a new mattress can extend its life and help you sleep well each and every night. Your warranty should include specific instructions, but there are things all mattresses can benefit from. Use a good mattress cover, preferably something that protects against liquids. If it does happen to experience a spill, spot clean without adding extra liquid, if possible. Rotate your mattress periodically to keep impressions from developing. It doesn’t need to happen often, but rotating it can go a long way toward keeping your mattress supportive and comfortable.

There are many reasons to evaluate if your current mattress needs replacing. If you are constantly tired after waking or if you have been feeling sick more often than not, it’s time to start the search for a new mattress. However, before you buy, know the right mattress for your sleep style to ensure maximum comfort and sleep.

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