Keep your personal power & love your life!

Too often, we tend to overlook the power we hold within us and instead search outside of ourselves to garner the measure of our self-worth and affirm our relevance. The power we hold is boundless, and with it, we can self-heal.  We can let go of past, ineffectual, and often hurtful programming that holds us back and makes our bodies sick, our minds muddled. We can give ourselves exactly what we need, be it love, protection, and anything else that may have led to feelings of deprivation or ‘less-than.’ I believe we can heal most aspects of our mental, physical, and energetic state with our thoughts alone.

When you realize the extent of your personal power, it fills you with gratitude because you realize that YOU are the master of your mind. 

What does that mean?

It means you realize that the choice is yours to look at the world as YOU choose. You can view it with a positive mindset… and that positive mindset is super-powerful! 

You – and only you – hold the blueprint for greatness, true happiness, and success – whatever that means to you simply by harnessing your power.

Isn’t that something to be grateful for? 

What are YOU choosing?

Every moment of every day is yours to do with as YOU choose. Right now, you have chosen to continue to read this article. And in that same way, you can replace every “I have to__” with “I choose to _____” for the truth is that we all choose our thoughts, our actions, and our reactions. 

You direct the movie of your life. How would you feel if you always chose to see love, compassion, and all that is good within each day? What is possible when you choose to have a happy healthy heart in place of a cold, grumpy one?

Look within!

Look at your life and understand that it is the life you have chosen. You have said, “Yes!” to everything.  Are you happy with what you see? Content? Successful? If not, change your thoughts and that will lead to changing your state of mind and consequently, your actions.

Here is my challenge for you:  Every time you get in your car say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and recite all the things you are thankful for. Say it aloud, so you can hear yourself in gratitude. You can be grateful for something as simple as the fact that you have a car, the sun in the sky, the air you breathe… whatever. Hear yourself. Listen to the list. Wonder at how much there is to be grateful for. Then say, “Thank you,” three times. 

I will bet that if you choose to introduce more gratitude into your daily life, to find the good in every day, and to look within yourself for what you seek and need rather than depending on others and the outside world, you may just find yourself feeling amazing.

What will you choose?

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