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Our ACTIVE YOU joint health blend uses the highest quality ingredients available. ACTIVE YOU supports you with MSM, glucosamine, and



Overview & Benefits

Brain and Body Boost Many parts of the body, including the brain, blood cells, and nerves, need vitamin B-12 to function properly. Taking vitamin B-12 supplements can have a tangible effect on your well-being, often improving memory and concentration. Supplementing a Plant-Based Diet B-YOU Vitamin B-12 is also ideal for vegetarians and vegans. While plant-based foods don’t contain vitamin B-12, a supplement can give the body the nutrients it needs.



Overview & Benefits

Liquid Health™ NEUROLOGIC provides the nutritional foundation for superior brain function. Whether you are studying for finals, or just tired of forgetting where you put the keys, NEUROLOGIC can help. • Great for students, seniors, professionals • Carefully formulated with clinically studied nutrients and additional effective supplements • Contains NO artificial coloring or flavoring • Highly bioavailable liquid offers superior absorption • Antioxidant Support • Made with care in the USA • Great tasting • Easy to use

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  LITTLE YOU is specifically designed for kids. It is also one of the few sugar-free children’s liquid supplements that are 100% vegan. LITTLE YOU comes in a delicious grape flavor as well. It also contains:
  • Folic Acid or Folate
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega Fatty Acid Blend
  • Pure Aloe Vera BAse
  • Sea Vegetables
It does not contain
  • Artificial colors or flavor
  • Gluten, milk, salt, soy, starch, sugar, wheat, or yeast
LITTLE YOU Liquid Supplements are amazing because they can help ensure your kids get the vitamins they need to grow and be healthy.

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Sleepy YOU


Overview & Benefits

Rapid Onset of Sleep: Melatonin is used by millions of people to fall asleep faster and get a more restful night. Numerous studies show that melatonin can aid the body in its natural ability to fall asleep. Restores Circadian Rhythms for Late Night Shift Workers and those with Jet Lag: Sleep Well helps to relieve effects caused by disruption of your body’s natural sleep cycle or circadian rhythm. Sleep Well aids realignment of the body’s rhythm to its natural state so that you can get back to falling asleep and waking up when you should. This is one of the main benefits and purposes of taking a liquid sleep aid supplement.

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