Why is being healthy easIER for others?

Ladies & Gents,

I have committed my life to help others create the health and happiness they have always dreamed of. Yet, at least once a week I hear the phrase, “Well it’s easy for you because…” and it kills me… They are looking at a change to health, wellness, and happiness all wrong. Nothing is truly easy, especially when you are working against the norms and the odds. But I would say it’s “easiER” for me now than in years past. Why?

The truth is, we don't see the weight others are carrying inside. We don't see the past trauma from childhood or the mess of a recent divorce. The truth is, if you think it's easy for someone, it probably wasn’t. What looks easy is really movement towards the positive—a culmination of many tiny choices the individual has made. You want to capture how they are doing that, how they are choosing positivity, progress, and success. Don’t chase what they look like on the outside, but how they feel on the inside!

It’s easiER for me to skip the 2nd piece of cake, pass on the chips, and drive right past every fast food joint because I have made enough small healthier choices that I don't want those things. I used to binge eat and think about food 24/7. I let it control my daily life until I let myself choose ME! I made a conscious decision to let go of the inner weight that was dragging me down.

It’s easIER for me to get up at 4:45 a.m. to workout, because now it is a routine. It wasn’t easy at the beginning. I had to put my alarm clock across the room from where I was sleeping to force myself to get out of bed. I had to get more than one workout partner to hold me accountable. I knew I had to build a routine. Now, my morning workouts are no sweat. How will you make fitness a part of your day and make it stick, so it becomes easIER for you to choose fitness?

It’s easiER for me to be positive at work, but I used to be the biggest Debbie downer! I used to look for things wrong in my life and focus on them. I used to complain about everything to everyone and be so stressed out. But in reality, the only reason I was “so stressed out” was because I made myself believe I was. I needed to ignore the voice of my inner bully that told me I was a victim. Yes, a victim! I would constantly think, “nobody is helping me”, “I am the only person stressed out and my boss is not doing their part.” As long as I could find the “wrong” in others, or the “wrong” in my environment – I could justify stewing in my own self-pity and stress. This way of living became exhausting! Until, I chose to start looking for the positive and recognizing the things I could, and should, be grateful for. Making these small choices over time allowed my mindset to open and now, I see the positives everywhere!

I can go on and on...and on about all the wrong choices I have made and all the bad things that have happened to me, like: not getting a raise like my male counterpart, being cheated on, being assaulted … Yes, I could go on and on...and on, but how would that benefit you or me? The past is the past, but the lessons are there. My growth and inspiration for change lie within those lessons. So, I share this with you because next time you think to yourself, “It’s easy for her or him or them...”, just know that it's not easy for anyone, but that it just may SEEM easy because that individual has made choices to change their circumstances to make it easIER for them. This happens because of all the small choices they have made – over time – to move the needle towards the positives in their life.

Don't allow your inner bully to hide you from success. You must change what is going on within you in order to change what is going on around you, because the reality is, when you change your mindset, when you make healthier, happier choices – over time – you will start seeing your environment through a different lens. Reach out to me at @HappyWholeYou

-Anna Marie

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