Hangover? Flu? Stressed? Not this holiday season!

Every year many people miss out on holiday fun because of one or more of these issues:

1. Too much alcohol? Hangover Tips!

-Increase your potassium foods and maybe even supplement over the holiday season if you tend to drink more during this time period. Potassium helps drive fluid into your cells while alcohol is a diuretic and pulls fluid out of the cells.

-Avoid taking acetaminophen for hangovers. Acetaminophen is also metabolized through the liver just like alcohol and we want to give our liver a rest to detox, so drink plenty of water to help flush out the liver.

-Think about adding in a liver support supplement. A main ingredient in many liver support supplements are milk thistle. Milk thistle is a herb which its antioxidant properties helps promote healthy digestion by increasing bile and decreasing inflammation. So it helps get the bad stuff out by drawing out toxins in the body.

2. Cold and flu! Don’t miss a party with these three must do’s to stay cold and flu free!

-Wash those hands. Yes, so simple but many forget to turn the water to warm when they wash their hands. So, grab the soap take 30 seconds and slather it around your hands and fingers under warm water.

-Sleep, sleep, sleep! I know you do not want to miss a beat but you must get your shuteye this holiday season. Between many traveling internationally and being exposed to new germs at different parties you need to have a super boosted immune system and sleep is a key component of staying immune strong!

-Eat your fruits and veggies to stay hydrated and nutrient rich. Your body needs to remain hydrated and full of nutrients to ward off unhealthy bacteria and viruses. Commit to eating a handful of berries and two handfuls of green leafy veggies every day. This is the very minimum to add to your diet.

3. Too stressed!

-Stop saying yes to everything this holiday season. Decide what is most important and plan your holiday season around your top priorities.

-Have a game plan for your social engagements, your gift giving, and your business/career.

The holiday season can pull you in so many directions and you need to maintain grounded and healthy as the season starts coming at you. What will you prioritize and plan for?

Let the holiday season begin!

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