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Updated: Mar 12

Have you ever gone out to dinner with friends, had a great meal, you left feeling full and yet soon after you are thinking about food. Your tummy is full but you still want something to eat? Why is this? Substitute the dinner with friends environment with being out a a pub, with loud music and distractions everywhere, or just think of Thanksgiving when a lot is going on and your senses are on overload. Again why are you thinking about food and want more food when your belly is full? The answer is you were not paying attention to your food when you were eating it and your brain never properly registered that you were eating. So, then shortly after you eat your meal, under numerous distractions, your tongue, mouth, and brain are saying where is more food?! It is like there is a disconnect from your belly and your mind, and that is exactly the problem. Next time you eat I challenge you to eat for energy and eat with a nourishing purpose.

Here are some helpful tips that will not only leave your belly full but will leave your taste-buds and mind satisfied too.

1. Turn off all TV’s, phones, and loud background music. All of these devices steal some of your brain power and drain your attention away from your food.

2. Say a little prayer or affirmation before you eat, such as: This food is going to nourish my body and satisfy my cravings.

3. Slow down and smell your food before you eat it and take 10 seconds to look at your food. Using your sense of smell with your sense of sight focuses the brain's attention towards the nourishing food you are about to eat.

4. Take your first 5 bits of food slowly and close your eyes and chew 15-20 times. This is allowing you to truly taste your food.

5. If you are eating with others ask them how their food tastes. This brings attention back to the fact you are eating and reminds the brain your are having satisfying food.

6. If you are eating out order ½ your food to go. More often than not we are served way too much food. When we eat too much food we are left feeling tired. This is because a lot of blood flow now has to go to your stomach to digest your food and that blood flow is taken from your extremities and your brain. This is why when we over eat we are left feeling sluggish and have brain fog. So, avoid overeating so you can have more energy throughout your day.

I hope you try these 6-mindful tips the next time you sit down to eat a meal. These tips work for eating in public, eating in your office, eating at home, eating anywhere. Be mindful with your food! Share some of your mindful eating tips with me at: HappyWholeYou (at) gmail (dot) com.

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