Do You Have a Success Ceiling?

What if I told you the quality of your life represents the quality of your health? Would you agree? Also what if I told you that the level of success you will have in your career, relationships, overall happiness, and every other aspect of your whole life - will have a ceiling on it based on how you take care of your health; would you also agree with this?

I always encourage people to dream big and be limitless, but one crucial element to achieving limitless potential is how individuals neglect their health or compromise their health in order to get “ahead” in some aspect of their lives. While one may think working harder on the job site, working through one’s lunch hour, grabbing a quick bite to eat at a fast food chain, skipping on sleep, having a short temper with your loved ones, and/or skipping a workout is the “price” for success… I am here to let you know that burning the candle at both ends will hold you back and you will never reach your true limitless potential. Are you putting a ceiling on your success?

So, what are some little things you can do right now to help you improve your WHOLE life and increase your opportunity for success to break through that ceiling?

1. Make time for your loved ones!

-Schedule a family night, a date night, play date, a time to commit to your loved ones with NO work to distract you.

2. Get 7-8 hours of sleep!

-Set a wind-down alarm. An alarm that goes off about 8:30ish to remind you to start winding down for the night. You must implement better habits to change your nighttime routine if you are a night owl.

-Get out of bed on the first alarm. It has been proven that hitting your snooze button over and over again doesn't yield you more quality sleep, so get up and get cracking!

-Be sure to take a minute and kiss your loved ones before leaving for the day. Don’t just head out the door and yell, “I’m leaving. Have a good day!” or worse leave without saying anything.

3. Take time to breathe!

-When you are highly stressed take some time to breathe. Take 5 minutes of quiet time and focus only on your breathing or go for a quick 5 minute walk. No cell phones!

4. Eat to restore your body!

-Meal prep if you have to. Bring a salad to work with an apple, banana, and other healthy snacks that you can grab when hunger comes along. Even if you have a lunch meeting be sure to eat a healthy snack before lunch to avoid overeating and mindless eating.

-Incorporate veggies at every meal and snack you have. All the properties in fruits and veggies heal our bodies and restore our bodies vitality.

5. Drink more water!

-Carry around a water jug. You should drink a lot of water upon rising in the morning and sip water throughout the day. Do not forget to do this. Being hydrated prevents you from feeling fatigued, hungry, and can help combat cravings.

6. Be Grateful!

-Take 3 minutes every night and write down what you are grateful for. Be mindful of your day, the conversations you had that day, and the elements that influenced your day. What are you grateful for?

Are you doing these things? Can you implement these practices for the next week? Give them a try. Be mindful of these tips and see how your life improves.

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make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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