Conquer a Positive Mindset With These 8 Tips!

The average person has about 70,000 thoughts per day. What is that little voice inside your head telling you? Something positive? Even uplifting? I sure hope so.

If your daily thought patterns are positive and optimistic there's a great chance you are a happy person. However, if they are on the other end of the spectrum you must change those negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Positive thoughts boost your mood and spirit. They help you feel more optimistic and happy. This is GREAT! But, on the flip-side if you are constantly thinking of all the bad things in your life you will start to have a skewed outlook, leaving you feeling like everything is bad and negative and life is against you. So our goal is to get you to increase the positive thoughts, eliminate the inner bully (this is what I call that negative voice inside your mind) and shift your thought pattern in a more positive mindset.

Here are some tips that you can do to let go of a defeating, poisonous, negative mindset:

1. Let go of limiting beliefs. Replace your beliefs with uplifting positive supporting thoughts. For example: If you think you will never lose weight and are just stuck you need to change that thought and think, "I am getting a little better each day and every healthy choice is moving me closer to my goals." Then you MUST acknowledge all the good you are doing and eliminate the self sabatough of bad you find yourself doing. Look for the good so you start seeing all the good!

2. Stop comparing! You have to remember you are the only you there is. You cannot be someone else, however you can look and have admiration towards someone and their achievements and use them as inspiration to improve your overall being.

3. Let go of negative self-talk. Negative self-talk is your inner bully. Your inner bully is that voice inside your head that tells you to not dream too big and many things are against you. To defeat that inner bully you have to have a positive, strong mindset. Check out the book, “Stop Bullying Yourself! for tips and strategies on how I was able to defeat my inner bully.

4. Let go of your ego. You don't always have to be right and you don't always have to point out when others are wrong. Sometimes it's good to just be and be happy. Let It Go!

5. Surround yourself by uplifting people. Don't allow yourself to hang with people that are negative and bring you down. You are most like the average of the five people you spend the most time with (I am sure you have heard this before). Are your 5 people positive? Are they uplifting?

6. Take time time to be thankful and show gratitude. Focusing on what you are thankful for and grateful for will give you a mood boost. All of us have things to be grateful for and it's important we remind ourselves of those things.

7. Take time to pay it forward and do good deeds for others. You will find that this improves your mood and happiness. It is important to help other people. I believe we are all on this planet to inspire and help each other become greater.

8. Use your energy on your purpose and things that bring you happiness. It is very important that every day you do things that show off your skills and strengths. We all like to do things that we are good at and when you combine those skills with your purpose you will find you are much happier throughout your days.

Apply these 8 tips to your life consistently and you will start to feel a difference within you.

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make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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