5 Roadblocks of Your Wellness Path: Are you allowing them to slow you down?

We all desire to be a little more fit and to eat a little healthier. We thrive to have sustainable financial health & admire those who seem to have it “All” together!” There is no denying that if one aspect of our life is lagging then other aspects of our life suffer. You can be super wealthy but if you do not exercise and move your body you could be on a path to depression or an increased likelihood of heart disease. On the flip side if you are super fit but you waste all of money, on whatever you feel you want, you most likely will have higher cortisol levels due to increased financial stress which leaves you with high levels of anxiety. Or maybe you eat super clean, workout, and save your money but you lack close relationships. You work too much and allow your diet and exercise routine to dominate your life leaving little time for visiting with friends and taking a much needed vacation. All of these scenarios are not what we are aiming for. We must give attention to all areas of our lives or down the road we will feel the pain.

I think we all can agree that achieving perfect balance in life is really not possible. I say this because we all need different amounts of life's interest depending on our bio-individuality, but we should still shoot to have harmony in our lives. For example; My need for financial freedom may look differently than my friends. I may feel making $65,000 a year and saving $20,000 a year for 25 years is my idea of financial freedom and gives me a comfort because that is what I am achieving. Meanwhile, my co-worker could be making $100,000 a year and she is saving $30,000 a year but she stresses 24/7 that she will “never” be able to retire. You see, we all need something different and what feels balanced for one person may feel out of wack for another. The key to a happier & healthier wellness lifestyle can be accomplished to the degree you desire by breaking the following barriers and addressing each aspect of your life with a little effort:

  1. Goal setting barriers: Make detailed goals! If you do not take the time to write out your goals, in ALL aspects of your life, you will be left feeling an empty “things are not good enough” or “this is not working” feeling. Write out your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals in the areas of; physical health, nutritional health, occupational health, financial health, & your emotional - spiritual health. Yes, this takes more time up front but you will be thankful you wrote them down!

  2. There is NO time to workout barrier! I hear this a lot from on-the-go moms and business executives. We have the time! Yes, you have the time! We need to stop thinking that a workout must take place at the gym. You can workout in your office, at your kids soccer practice, on your breaks at work, and even be open to the idea of having walking meetings. Be creative and add movement into your day.

  3. I don’t know what to eat and I get bored of eating the same thing! I am a big believer in meal prepping if you are crunched for time. Sunday night take 35 minutes to prep 5-10 meals for your week. On the flip side I get people that tell me, “I am sick of eating the same thing all the time.” If this is you sign up for one of those healthy home delivery systems. There are companies out there that will deliver all the fresh ingredients to your doorstep with instructions on how to cook the meal.

  4. Save your money and stop spending it eating out! It amazes me that when a client shares how they are having problems with their finances plus they keep gaining weight that they never put the two together! Every time you choose to eat out you are choosing to pay premium dollar to have someone else make your food & use unhealthy ingredients. If you calculated the time you spend in a drive-through or the time you spend waiting at the restaurant I guarantee you preparing the food at home or meal prepping does not take as long and will save you money. Here is a challenge: Time yourself every time you are at a drive through or waiting on a meal at an eatery, add these minutes up for one week. Then add up every dollar you spend eating out. Take the equal minutes & money spent the following week to plan your dinners and meal prep. See how you come out in the end.

  5. Take time for a hobby and friends! In the long run you will be thankful you did this. Now some people take too much time for these two things and end up stressed because they have no money in the bank and very little direction on where there life is going. Again, the key is finding your individual balance.

We must all address each area of our lives with mindfulness every day. Use the Happy-Whole-You Daily Matrix to see if you are addressing these areas everyday. What areas do you need a little work on? The first step is to be aware of where you need to put in a little work.

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make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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