3 Things you can do to SAVE BIG this week!

The one thing we have the biggest control over, when it comes to money, is how much money we keep! Do you know how much money you are spending every day? Every week? Every month? If you are not sure I suggest writing down every penny you spend for a week. In the meantime, try these

three tips to save this week:

  1. Make your coffee at home! We all know big bucks are spent at drive-thru coffee places. Don't let your hard earned cash be part of that figure. Make your coffee at home or use the coffee maker at work. Save big on this!

  2. Pack your lunch! Packing your lunch will not only help your pocketbook but it can help your waistline. When you pack your lunch you know what ingredients are in your food and there is less sodium and sugar in homemade vs. eating out. Plus it costs less. Take some time and meal prep this week.

  3. Turn off the lights in your house and unplug anything you are not using. Even your lamps and coffee pot that you only use once a day… unplug them. This will eliminate extra energy being used throughout the day.

Do you have great ways to save by making small changes? Let me know by emailing me at HappyWholeYou@gmail.com

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make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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