3 Must for a Healthier Week

When we add small changes to our daily routine and repeat those changes overtime we yield big results. This week I have three things for you to add to your week. These are easy to do and easy not to do, but your body will thank you by day seven. So, as NIKE says, JUST DO IT!

  1. Pack a salad (Greens) everyday for work. All you need to do is throw some spinach or spring mix in a container, throw a top on it and bring it to work. Keep a salad dressing (I like Newman’s Best: Sesame Ginger) in your fridge at work. This way you do not have to bring it back and forth to work.

  2. Drink 20 oz of Ice cold water first thing in the morning, before lunch, and before dinner. Slam it!

  3. Do 10 squats before you brush your teeth and 10 push-ups before bed. Do these slowly. If you have to do your push-ups on your knees or on the wall go for it - again - JUST DO IT!

You got this - Small changes. Have a great week!


make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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