Do these 3 things for your happiest week ever!

I challenge you to add these three things to your week. Do these everyday for 7 days and report back to me. Every night before bed give yourself a happiness score 1-10. Ten being the happiest and one being miserable. See if your happiness meter moves up!

Add the following practices:

  1. Everyday take 3-5 minutes and turn up a song you love and DANCE. Yes, everyday take a few minutes and dance to a song you love. Dance with your kid(s), or your pet(s), or your partner, or roommate, or just by yourself. Smile and shake what your mama gave ya.

  2. Every morning look in the mirror and say a compliment - OUT LOUD - to yourself! Here is an example: “I am a strong, caring, beautiful individual and I am going to have a fantastic day!”

  3. Every night write down one thing you are thankful for and proud of from your day.

Add these three things to your daily routine this week and you will find yourself with a little more pep in your step! You rock! -Anna Frank

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make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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