10 Healthy Travel Tips

Many of you are going to be traveling over the next two weeks. If you travel by plane you want to keep yourself protected from germs and stay healthy. Here are some quick tips to improve your travel.

  1. Stay hydrated to keep your immune system up!

  2. Eat your fruits and veggies. The antioxidants and nutrients in whole food is a lot easier for the body to utilize than just popping a vitamin, so eat real, living, food.

  3. Bring a disinfectant wipe on the plane. Use it to wipe down the air vent and table tray.

  4. Point the air vent down towards your face. This helps push away the bad air and keeps the filtered air blowing at you.

  5. Wear comfy shoes and clothes. You want to be able to move comfortably and be better able to relax on the plan.

  6. Have some healthy snacks. Throw in an orange or grapefruit into your bag. Even a banana is good. Try and stay away from packaged foods with little nutritional value. Packaged foods will increase the inflammation in your body and break down your immune system.

  7. Take time to walk on your layover. A quick power walk will help boost your energy.

  8. Smile! Even if you have a delay or get stuck on the runway be sure to keep a positive attitude. Smiling and staying positive have been shown to help with immunity.

  9. Shower once you reach your destination and wash your travel clothing. This will help get rid of any germs that are on your body or clothing.

  10. Skip drinking alcohol on the plane!

I wish you all a healthy, happy, holiday season. Enjoy this time and stay warm! -Anna

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