13 Little Things Healthy People Do

Ever wonder what little things healthy people do throughout each day? How do they stay so healthy and happy? Here are a few things:

  1. They always use the stairs

  2. They eat fruits and veggies everyday, with every meal

  3. They don't overspend.

  4. They don't buy daily sugary drinks

  5. They park in the farthest parking spot from the building wherever they go

  6. They drink lots of water throughout the day

  7. They say positive things to themselves everyday and practice gratitude

  8. They are giving to others

  9. They express their emotions

  10. They get 6-8 hours of sleep

  11. They are optimistic

  12. They don't hang out with gossipers

  13. They do not hold grudges and learn from their past mistakes

  14. They take a few minutes everyday to stretch, breath, and relax

How many of these things do you do?

12-14: You are among the healthiest, whole, people. Keep up the good work. Keep improving.

10-11: You have room for improvement but you are on the right track. Add-in 2 more positive daily practices over the next week.

8-9: You need to add in some healthier practices and you will find your level of happiness rise. You can do it. For the next month start two new practices every Monday for one month. Check out the ADD-IN Method blog for ideas.

6-7: You are not a total mess but you must take control of your life or you may end up feeling less happy and more depressed. It is up to you to take control. Start adding in 1-2 new things in your life for the next two months. Check out the ADD-IN Method blog for ideas.

5 and below: You must take responsibility for your life. Don't waste your ability to be a shining light. You deserve to feel happy and energized. It is up to you to turn your daily practices around. No more excuses. Excuses are what got you to where you are. Your excuses are why you have only 5 of the daily practices above. You are in the driver's seat. You got this!

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make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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