Want Happiness? Stop working so hard on just your job!

You need to work on YOU! Your job, your relationships, your pocketbook will always feel empty or lacking when you put more energy into your job than you put into yourself. Personal growth is your key to a happy-whole-you. Personal growth can be developed by engaging in new activities that improve your awareness and challenge you to be a more whole person. You need to find your true identity. Embrace your talents and strive towards your full potential. You must build your human capital, facilitate your employ-ability, enhance the quality of your life, and contribute to your realizations of your dreams and aspirations. Personal growth is often neglected and overlooked. Personal growth is the oxygen to your true happiness and success. It is an important aspect to our aging process. To be personally developed is to be a well rounded person and everyone and I mean everyone needs personal growth, the stay-at-home-mom, the college student, and the business executive - everyone!

More often, we choose to work on our family, facebook page, and maybe our professional growth first and neglect our personal growth which creates an internal imbalance. Generally, people think they are working on their personal growth by attending work related seminars or reading books about their profession. This is

professional growth. On the flip side a "non-working" parent or individual chooses to not participate in any additional learning because, well why would they? They don't have a 9 to 5 and what is the point of additional learning? It is not going to impact their bottom line.

A person can only be as successful, in all aspects of their life, as their personal growth process. Dr. Christina Hibbert, author of “This is How We Grow,” defines personal growth as, “a process of identifying the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual changes we desire & working in each area to improve and reach our fullest potential”. You must develop a positive mindset, move your body, eat good foods, learn new things, and surround yourself with good people to personally grow and be whole.

Many of us go through days, weeks, months, and even years repeating the same daily routine without mindfulness and this is dangerous. Neglecting your personal growth leads to fewer successes in life. How often do you work on your personal growth? Here are some activities and suggestions to improve your personal growth:

  1. Read: Personal growth books are a great supplement to your reading lists.

  2. Attend Seminars for you! Attend a seminar that will help YOU grow personally whether it covers stress management, goal setting, or conflict resolution.

  3. Travel: Get out there and experience new cultures, ideas, and views.

  4. Have alone time: I would argue you know more about others than you know about yourself. What makes you tick? Do you sabotage your growth towards success? Find yourself!

  5. Spend your energy on IMPORTANT things. Stop saying yes to anything that is not truly beneficial to you.

  6. Control your thinking and say daily affirmations. We all need to have more self compassion. Practice this with daily affirmations.

  7. Get Organized: Many of us do not realize how much added stress being disorganized causes. Just think how organized you’d be if you had a designated place to put your keys or TV remote? You would never have to scramble for these lost items again! Start with one drawer at a time.

  8. Focus, focus, focus: Often we have multiple electronic devices pulling us in different directions and we are focused on too many things at once. Try to be laser focus and use a checklist.

  9. Socialize with only POSITIVE people. You will be amazed how much more optimistic you will become by weeding out the negative people in your life. If someone is not helping you grow-they are dragging you down. Really think through this one and be honest with yourself!

  10. Be kind to your body! Eat healthy and exercise. Eat to fuel your body and regenerate your cells. Your body is the only body you will ever have. It is your first home. Nurture it!

  11. Get Uncomfortable: Staying in one's’ comfort zone is taking the easy road in life. Try something new today!

Remember we are never done growing; we have so much more to learn, give, and experience!- Anna

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make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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