Six Quick - Fat Burning Add-In Options for the Holidays!

Here are some quick healthy options you can add-in to improve your holiday season:

  1. Drink lots of ice cold water! Your body will burn extra calories to cool the water to body temperature and staying hydrated will help you feel fuller, reduce cravings and can help reduce inflammation.

  2. Add spicy foods and sauces to your dishes. If you are having eggs in the morning add a splash of hot sauce or salsa. Do this add-in option at every meal possible.

  3. Drink Green Tea! This will provide you with great antioxidants, energy, and more fluid. Fat cells do not like green tea, so drink up!

  4. Eat 3-5 celery sticks throughout your whole day. This will keep things moving in your digestive track and help you feel full.

  5. Power walk 10-15 minutes everyday. This will help with stress levels and burn calories. Move your body.

  6. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night!

Want more info on the ADD-IN method? Check out my Add-In Method blog. Enjoy your holidays! -Anna Marie

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