Overnight FAT - Overnight SKINNY

Ladies, ladies, ladies, and the one gentleman that is reading this blog; take a deep breath! Give yourself some time. Because all too often, we think we can lose the weight we have put on over the years within a week, a month, or by taking a magic pill or a fancy diet. Stop the madness! You did not gain the weight overnight and your weight gain was not caused by one magic thing.

I would like you to approach your need to lose excess weight in a timely manner with realistic goals and practices. First, if you have 15 plus pound to lose a realistic goal is to lose one pound of fat a week. A pound of fat is about 4,500 calories. To achieve this one pound of fat loss a week, I suggest you use the ADD-IN method discussed in one of my previous blogs. Add-in more fruits and veggies every day. Add-in more water every day. Add-in a daily walk and daily positive self talk. The ADD-IN method is a more WHOLE approach to improving your weight loss while improving your WHOLE life.

Your weight gain happened over a period of time and you must realize that it is going to take a period of time to lose that weight. It is going to take you making little positive choices everyday consistently over a period of time. These little positive choices are going to be easy to do and easy not to do and the results will show up down the road, so you need to have staying power. Believe in all your positive small choices, they WILL make a difference in the future.

Please do not be romanced by a magic pill or crazy diet. All you need to do is plan healthy meals, prepare healthy snacks, move your body more, and have a positive mind set. Again, this is easy to do and easy not to do. Let me give you some strategies to make this a little easier on you:

  1. Meal prep one day a week! Pick one evening and prepare 5 meals for the next five days. I say five days because anything beyond 5 days might go bad, especially if you are making fresh meals.

  2. Snack prep for the week! Have veggies all cut and ready to go and little snack packs prepared to grab and go.

  3. Plan your dinner for every night. What are you making and what are the ingredients? What time will you have dinner every night?

  4. Plan what time you are going to bed and what time you are waking up. Get your 7-8 hours of sleep. When you sleep your human growth hormone is active and it keeps you young.

  5. Schedule when you will get 20 minutes of vigorous exercise everyday. If you feel like you have “no” time find ways to add movement in your daily life.

  6. Park in the furthest parking spot from the building

  7. Take the stairs

  8. Do squats or push-ups at your desk when you are feeling sleepy

  9. Walk or exercise on your work break vs sitting at your desk or in the staff lounge

  10. Have a dance party with your kids. All you need is music and a smile.

  11. Play with your kids at the park or workout while they are playing at the park.

  12. Drink 4-6 oz of water every hour. Stay Hydrated!

The key to losing the weight you gained over a period of time is to give yourself time to prepare yourself for the changes. Take time to write out your changes with your goals. And most importantly remind yourself this takes time and you didn't gain that weight overnight, so y

ou will not lose it overnight. There is no quick fix, magic pill, or skinny overnight regimen. There is only you and your choices. Make choices that empower you and move you closer to your goals! -Anna

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make today the first day to a more fulfilling life.

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