Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Testing


The data acquired from the HRV scan answers these overarching questions:

“Are you handling your stress, or is your stress handling you?”
“How is stress affecting different parts of your body?”
“Is stress aging you prematurely?”
“How is stress affecting your metabolism?”
“Is stress depleting your brain function and energy levels?”
Doing the initial HRV scan and BrainTap session gives patients tangible, visual measurements, and objective data for what would normally be intangible physiological concepts concerning how their health may be suffering. The HRV shows how stress has major downstream effects on the body. It can serve as a motivator for patients, and a practical tool for the practitioner to monitor and resolve underlying issues at the root cause level. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

When used consistently, BrainTap can retrain the stress response at a deep subconscious level. The HRV serves as an assessment of a patient’s health status as well as a determination of treatment efficiency. It is able to objectively measure the impact of integrative healing modalities that may include dietary, supplement, exercise, sleep, detoxification, and emotional/psychological rebalancing. The use of BrainTap and HRV provides a visual representation of the body’s response to implemented treatment efforts and provides feedback, serving as a guide to gauge the success of or make changes to a treatment plan for improved results.

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